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Friday, October 21, 2016

Part 2 of my Mega Garage-Fuzz post

People can't get enough of this stuff, and who can blame em? Some of the great music of the rock era comes
from this era/scene imo, NEVER gets old, always rocking and charmingly amatuerish......remember this is a HUG torrent, I have no clue how many parts I'll be breaking it down to (15 or so I would guess), but people love the shit out of this stuff, and that is great.....glad to deliver what the minions desire.........without further ado, here is part Two!

PART 2-01 BACKGROUNDS-Day Breaks at Dawn/02 BAD BOYS-Black Olives/03 BAD BOYS-Love/04 BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/05 BAD ROADS-Too Bad/06 BAKER STREET IRREGULARS-I'm A Man/07 BALLOON FARM-A Question of Temperature/08 BANSHEES-Project Blue/09 BARDOWIE-Rudy Pies/10 BARONS-Drawbridge/11 BAROQUES-Iowa, a Girl's  Name/12 BARRIER-Dawn Breaks Through/13 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-I Can make it Without You/14 BEATLES-Think For Yourself/15 BEVER PATROL-ESP/16 BEAVERS-Why Baby Why/17 BEEFEATERS-Don't Hurt Me/18 BEETHOVEN FOUR-Set My Soul on Fire/19 BEETHOVENS-She Is My Love/20 BEGGARS OPERA-Escape/21 BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/22 BENDERS-Can't Tame Me/23 BETTER SWEET-Like the Flowers/24 BIT OF
SWEET-Out of Sight Out Of Mind/25 BLACK & BLUES-Come to Me/26  BLACK BANANA-Listen
Girl/27 BLACK WATCH-Left Behind/28 BLOKES-Slander's Child/29 BLUE THINGS-Twist and Shout/30 BLUESTARS-Social End Product/31 BOB MORRISON-Hey Puppet Man/32 BOBBY BRELYN-Hanna/33 BOLD-Gotta Get Some/34 BONDSMEN-Our Time to Try/35 BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately/36 BOWLERS-It's Too Late/37 BOY BLUES-Coming Down to You/38 BOY BLUES-Living Child/39 BRAM RIGG SET-I Can Only Give You Everything/40 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Train Kept a Rollin'/41 BREAKERS-Don't Send Me Know Flowers/42 BRIGANDS-(Will I Still Be Her) Big Man/43 BROGUES-Don't Shoot Me Down/44 BROTHERLY LOVERS-Was a Lie/45 BRYMERS-Sacrifice/46 BUCKINGHAMS-Don't Want to Cry/47 BUDDHAS-Lost Innocence/48 BUDDHAS-My Dream/49 BUNNYS-For Elise/50 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-One Day Girl/51 BUTLERS-It's a Fine Time/52 BUTLERS-Shop Around/53 BUTTER REBELLION-Aftermath


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. Thank You Scott for these collections

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