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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Seems like of late I've been in a bit of a 1980's/new wave kind of mood, kind of odd since that is my least favorite era of rock n roll, maybe I am changing.......I submit here the only album from Bricklin, from somewhere in Pennsylvania as best as I can tell.......poppish-new wave, VERY typical of the sounds of the era, but not a BAD album, I bet you've never heard it!   Not to bad at all, actually, and if you've enjoyed some of my recent early 80's stuff that I've posted (sort of as a lark, but actually, in retro, some pretty good music, check, on this album for example, "For Her Love", a pretty cool song, and there are other moments here as guys who are a few years younger than the Big Man might have grown up on some of this stuff, I kind of remember this one, but not too clearly until I broke it out, but I will tell ya, it's really a pretty good record.

BRICKLIN-01 Fear of Life/02 For Her Love/03 Even When You're Done With Me/04 All I Know/05 Love Without Pain/06 If This is Love/07 All You Own/08 She's Not My Girl/09 How Come I/10 The Sleeping Dream

Every era, every genre, has its unknown albums, which are NOT classics, BUT not everything needs to's wonderful to listen to incredibly dated stuff such as this, it REALLY brings the era back into focus.....we'll see how long I stay in my 80's new wave groove, like all the other eras/scenes I do have a stack of em, we shall always hope ya like the variety.



  2. Thanks for everything, especially the recent book posts!