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Monday, October 17, 2016

Studkid Submission #1

(scott) Studkid sends us a great album from the Firebirds, always liked this one (wittness that I posted it in the last couple of months), but this version seems to have a couple of tracks on it that mine did not have, so of course I find it worthy of putting up!

This album is interesting, because this was a record that started Lorenzo Woodrose
to become a record collector. Your know when you listen to the record. Second Its not a real band, but a bunch of studio muscians hired by to make the record. If you
look beyond the first number, you find a raw fuzz/blues guitar. This is kind of protopunkCHECK out "No Tomorrows"

1. Warm Up - 2:30
2. Reflections - 4:23
3. By Baby - 5:29
4. Free Bass - 2:38
5. Free Drum - 4:31
6. Free Fuzz/Gypsy Fire - 2:39
7. No Tomorrows - 5:02
8. Light My Fire - 4:18

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