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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cold Pumas

(scott) while I'm getting some of my other stuff ready, I'm sure you won't care that I up another new (2016)
album from the infinite John N collection, this one from the UK's own Cold Pumas.....never heard of them, lets see what we can discover......

OK, after reading a little, it seems that this band fits in well here, this ("The Hanging Valley") is their second effort......(if you have the first, let me know)......this is retro-80's gloomy stuff, maybe reminiscent of The Smiths to a degree, and some Sonic Youth.......I listened to this entire album and found it to be worthy of inclusion here......I do recommend albums, though, you guys know the drill, if you are interested. 

THE HANGING VALLEY-01 Slippery Slopes/02 Open Mouth of Dusk/03 A Change of Course/04 Severed Estates/05 A Human Pattern/06 The Slump/07 The Shaping of the Dream/08 Fugue States/09 Murmur of the Heart

Year end list material? Well, I don't know, we'll see, but VERY listenable (really like the first track "Slippery Slopes"), so, hey, thank John N for another NEW effort for you to enjoy (If it weren't for him, likely there would be ZERO "new" efforts posted here, so be as grateful to him as I am!....I think the new, lesser known releases adds another totally different dimension to the blog, and MAN will it be a help when compiling my year end list of best albums)

I really did enjoy this one, though, and think you may as's good, and definitely deserves a listen!


  1. this is terrific stuff this is

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