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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lazarus, a David Jones effort

(scott)-OK, once again, Jon S and John N send me the same effort (talk about great minds thinking alike!),
and once again I will use both of their submissions as John N sends me a good write-up, while Jon S sends us tracklists as well as a bonus album (see Bl4ckst4r below) thanks to BOTH of you fabulous gentlemen who help me to keep this here thing going, much love to you both!

And as I always say, one can never have too much David Jones!
(from John N) In the final months of his life, David Bowie wrote an off-Broadway musical called Lazarus.
A spiritual sequel to the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth — which Bowie himself starred in — Lazarus opened to raveREVIEWS at the New York Theatre Workshop back in December. It was later commissioned for a run of London shows.
Along with 19 Bowie penned songs sung by the cast — including the near embodiment of Bowie himself, Michael C. Hall — the tracklist boasts 3 previously unheard recordings from the legend himself. According to Rolling Stone, “No Plan”, “Killing A Little Time”, and “When I Met You” were all written and recorded by Bowie specifically for Lazarus and are believed to be his final recordings.

(from Jon S)-Lazarus is a musical that is a sequel of sorts to The Man Who Fell To Earth... I think. I really don't know much about it at all other than it starred the guy who played Dexter. A cast album was put out a few days ago and on it are 3 unreleased songs by DB. Here are the soundtrack and a fan-compiled Bl4ckst4r complete edition with the 2014 versions of Sue and 'Tis Pity along with the new songs and the core songs.



(01) [Ricky Nelson] Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)/(02) [Michael C. Hall & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Lazarus/(03) [Michael C. Hall, Lynn Craig & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] It's No Game/(04) [Sophia Anne Caruso & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] This Is Not America/(05) [Charlie Pollack] The Man Who Sold The World/(06) [Sophia Anne Caruso] No Plan/(07) [Michael Esper & Original New York Cast of Lazarus]LOVE Is Lost/(08) [Cristin Milioti & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Changes/(09) [Michael C. Hall & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Where Are We Now-/(10) [Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milioti, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, Krystina Alabado & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Absolute Beginners/(11) [Michael Esper] Dirty Boys/(12) [Michael C. Hall] Killing A Little Time/(13) [Sophia Anne Caruso] Life On Mars-/(14) [Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] All The Young Dudes/(15) [David Bowie] Sound And Vision/(16) [Cristin Militia] Always Crashing In The Same Car/(17) [Michael Esper & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Valentine's Day/(18) [Michael C. Hall & Krystina Alabama] When I Met You/(19) [Michael C. Hall, Sophia Anne Caruso & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Heroes


(01) [David Bowie] Lazarus/(02) [David Bowie] No Plan/(03) [David Bowie] Killing A Little Time/(04) [David Bowie] When I Met You


01 Blackstar/02 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore/03 Lazarus/04 Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)/05 Girl Loves Me/06 Dollar Days/07 I Can't Give Everything Away/08 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore - 2014SINGLE/09 Sue (or In A Season Of Crime) - 2014 single/10 No Plan/11 Killing A Little Time/12 When I Met You

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