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Saturday, October 29, 2016

My RAGE (Against the Machine) Part 2/4

Gonna concentrate on live in concert efforts today and tomorrow, and whenever after that,is when I got
some rarities, demos, collaborations, and other I said yesterday they were outstanding on stage......really, not much reason to wax terribly poetic about these releases, sometimes I may not even know the venue date, but there is a lot of screaming live Rage here.......track lists are about all we need I think, and any other info I can happen to come up with......lotsa stuff here, and plenty more next post.

LIVE BATTLE RAGE-(no date/venue listed)-01 Intro/02 Testify/03 Born of a Broken Man/04 Bullet in the Head/05 No Shelter/06 People of the Sun/Without a Face/07 Guerilla Radio/08 Vietnow/09 Sleep Now In the Fire/10 The ghost of Old Tom Joad/11 Bombtrack/12 Wake Up/13 Bulls On parade/14 Freedom/15 Unknown/16 Killing In the Name

WOODSTOCK '99-No Shelter/02 People of the Sun/03 Know Your Enemy/04 Born of a Broken Man/05 Vietnow/06 Bullet in the Head/07 The Ghost of Tom Joad/08 Bombtrack/09 Wake Up/10 Bulls On Parade/11 Freedom

SCREAM LOUDER-LOS ANGELES 10/1/96-01 Bulls On parade/02 Bombtrack/03 Vietnow/04 Down Rodeo/05 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos/06 Darkness/07 Tire Me/08 Fistful of Steel/09 Bullet in the Head/10 People of the Sun/11 Know Your Enemy/12 Killing in the Name/13 Freedom

LIVE AT THE QUAD LUNCHTIME 1991-01 Killing In the
Name (Instrumental)/02 Take the Power Back/03 Autologic/04 Bullet in the Head/05 Hit the Deck/06 Township Rebellion/07 Darkness of Greed/08 Clear the lane/09 Clampdown/10 Know Your Enemy/11 Freedom/12 Bombtrack/13 Killing in the Name

30 FOR A REVOLUTION DISC 1-01 Roll Right/02 Freedom/03 Pistol Grip Pump/04 Mic Check/05 No Shelter/06 Vietnow/07 Bullet in the Head/08 I'm Housin'/09 Without a Face/10 Wake Up/11 Voice of the Voiceless/12 Sleep Now In the Fire/13 Township Rebellion/14 Born of a Broken Man/15 Year of tha Boomerang\

30 FOR A REVOLUTION DISC 2-01 People of the Sun/02 Killing in the Name/03 Renegades of Funk/04 Guerrilla Radio/05 Bulls On Parade/06 Know Your Enemy/07 The Ghost Of Tom Joad/08 Maria/09 Down Rodeo/10 Bombtrack/11 Testify/12 How I Could Just Kill a man/13 Tire Me/14 Take the Power Back/15 Microphone Fiend

here's a starter set, got about this many more, and THEN demos and etc.........stay tuned1


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