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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Big Star leftovers from Jon S

(scott) Jon S adds to the already stellar Big Star collection with these efforts......I never heard any of these, so I'm ecstatic of course......thanks to Jon S for his magnificent work on his submissions........John N has sent some material on Big Star as well, I don't quite have it ready yet but there is still more of the great Big Star coming your way!

Big Star Live is the 3 piece band (with John Lightman on bass) recorded in front of a small audience at a radio station in NY in 1974.

01 September Gurls/02 Way Out West/03 Mod Lang/04 Don't Lie To Me/05 O My Soul/06 Interview/07 The Ballad Of El Goodo/08 Thirteen/09 I'm In Love With A Girl/10 Motel Blues/11 In The Street/12 You Get What You Deserve/13 Daisy Glaze/14 Back Of A Car/15 She's A Mover

Nobody Can Dance is a short live set, excellent sound, with a Big Star version of The Box Tops' song, The Letter. 

01 Baby Strange/02 Mod Lang/03 You Get What You Deserve/04 The Letter/05 September Gurls/06 Way Out West/07 O My Soul

WLYX Memphis, TN 1975 is the only live recording of songs from Third around the time it was recorded that I know of. Alex Chilton and friends at a radio station in 1975. Your guess is as good as mine as to what drugs they were taking but it sounds like they were having fun. This also has a version of The Letter but it is "deconstructed," one might say.

01 Femme Fatale/02 Oh Dana/03 Take Me Home and Make Me Like It/04 Jesus Christ/05 Death Cab for Cutie/06 Kizza Me/07 I Will Always Love You/08 The Letter

Third Tribute is a bunch of people (Big Star drummer, Jody Stephens, Dave Pirner, Mike Mills, Chris Stamey, and more) playing the album Big Star Third, and then other Big Star songs.

01 Intro (crowd)/02 Kizza Me [Dave Pirner]/03 O Dana [Matt Wilson]/04 For You [Jody Stephens]/05 Nightime [Josh Grier]/06 Jesus Christ [Mike Mills]/07 Take Care [Trapper and Tanner Schoepp]/08 Big Black Car [The Wooldridge Brothers]/09 Stroke It Noel [Ken Stringfellow]/10 Blue Moon [Jody Stephens]/11 Femme Fatale [Brett Harris]/12 Downs [Ken Stringfellow]/13 Dream Lover [Skylar Gudasz]/14 Holocaust [Chris Stamey]/15 You Canít Have Me [Mike Mills_Linda Pitmon]/16 Kanga Roo [Chris Stamey_Brett Harris]/17 Thank You Friends [ìAll Star Finaleî]/18 Encore Break/19 Thirteen [Skylar Gudasz]/20 You and Your Sister [Brett Harris]/21 In the Street [Mike Mills_Schoepp Brothers]/22 Donít Lie to Me [Josh Grier]/23 When My Babyís Beside Me [Dave Pirner_Jim Boquist]/24 Back of a Car [Dave Pirner]/25 Way Out West [Jody Stephens]/26 I Am the Cosmos [The Wooldridge Brothers]/27 Give Me Another Chance [Matt Wilson]/28 September Gurls [Mike Mills and more]/29 Try Again/30 Watch the Sunrise [Brett Harris]


  1. The official release of Nobody Can Dance was on the Norton label in 1999 and has 15 tracks. What you are posting are the last 4 tracks of that release. Thought you should know. Thanks for the great posts.

    1. The bootleg Nobody Can Dance has 15 tracks, yes, but the first 8 tracks are from a radio rehearsal and the last 7 tracks are from a separate live gig. The 8 rehearsal tracks are in the first post labelled WLIR rehearsals. Since it seemed a random coupling, I separated it into 2 different things.

      Here's the tracklist and link: please, feel free to re-combine if you like.

      01 Don't Lie To Me/02 Back Of A Car/03 Ohh My Soul/04 Mod Lang/05 She's A Mover/06 September Gurls/07 Out In The Street/08 You Get What You Deserve

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  2. What was the date of the Big Star Third Tribute? Any idea?