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Friday, October 21, 2016


John N sends me so many great, interesting links that it's hard to keep up with him UNDERSTAND THAT I LOVE THIS, THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM, the more stuff I can share with you the better IMO......what we have here is the latest (2016, so you know what THAT means), release from Newmoon, "Space".....and daptly titled it is, spacey/shoegaze psych which I enjoyed in my first listen.......seems like this type of spacey shoegaze stuff has developed quite a following, a LOT of bands putting out this type of music recently. I say: GOOD fucking keep it up, this shit is fab and who knows, in the future, may be looked upon as the "soundtrack" of the era in which we currently live?

SPACE-01 Helium/02 Head of Stone/03 Life in the Sun/04 Skin/05 Coma/06 Everything Is/07 Hi/08 One Thousand/09 Liberate the World