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Saturday, October 22, 2016


A John N (recent release) of which I have minimal knowledge, obviously the band name intrigues me a bit.....I checked it out and it's pretty much so-so average electronic pop, not bad, actually a bit interesting......strange album, I'm listening to it right now and really don't know what to make of it.......anyway, it's not something you want to run away from, you guys COME HERE for VARIETY in music right ? (at least I hope, that is the whole idea).....

People send me stuff daily......I may not always recommend it highly (just me personally), but I'll always post it, because I strive to get you guys as many rock sounds as possible.....this one is NOT a fave of mine, really, but I will not advise against download, there are MANY of you who will dig here is Drug Dealer's 2016 album "The End of Comedy"......

THE END OF COMEDY-01 Far Rockaway Theme/02 The Real World/03 Suddenly/04 Easy To Forget/05 Were You Saying Something/06 Theme For Alessandro/07 It's Only Raining Right Where You're Standing/08 The End of Comedy/09 Sea of Nothing/10 My Life/11 Comedy Outro



  2. it reminds me of 60s California, like sunlight through leaves, all brightness and shadow intermingled, like the singer’s been paying close attention to Harry Nilsson and Emitt Rhodes. there's also a whole lot of post-Beatles comedown songwriting here. one song, 'It’s Only Raining Right Where You’re Standing,' is an excursion into the kind of psychedelia English groups fell heavily for in 1968 – all phased guitar and blank voice – so perfectly pitched that you can’t quite believe the lyrics aren’t about clementine monkeys and velveteen eyelashes or something. There are also touches of Tom Waits, and at different points I heard a Carole King influence, and every now and then the album tonally shifts, reminding me of acts like The Villagers, The Magic Numbers, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Fleetwood Mac or ELO, then suddenly between the tracks there’ll be the sound of a typewriter, or someone walking down a corridor, and then all of a sudden your ears are being engulfed by the strings of a Burt Bacarach style ballad. Interesting.