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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Well for today, what say we start out with some Dopethrone, (from Montreal) their 2009 semi-classic "Demonsmoke"......I'd gather you can likely figure out what this here one is about, it's very hard, heavy, druggy, filled with drug-related speech samples......sometimes the almost-cookie monster vocals turn me off, but the riffs are thundering,  the songs are interesting, it's another piece, a "future essential" whn we are summarizing late 00's stoner rock.......I'd call this one more stoner/doom/sludge, and what could be wrong with that. I'm listening as I type, and I SWEAR I will never "get" those kind of vocals, but I do have to say, they stay pretty much in the background behind those crackling riffs and solos. It's a good one, and, seems weird to say, a definiet "period piece", ca. 2009!

DEMONSMOKE-01 Demonsmoke/02 Wizard's Sleeve/03 Spirit Ruiner/04 Abraxas/05 Psychic Vampire/06 Blood Boiler/07 Power Violence Forever/08 Legalize Murder

Not to be missed, at least for a certain segment of us!

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