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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

(scott) trying to get all of John N's cool submittals up before they expire, this is another one, just listened to it today......a strange, unclassifiable album, sort of the kind of psych rock that I love blended with the electronic fusion's pretty good, in my estimation........this, "Balance" is their fourth album, I liked it a good bit, perhaps you will as well, it's kind of different........but isn't that why we are here?

BALANCE-01 Balance/02 It Must Be the Only Way/03 Ching/04 The Sound of All Things/05 Waves Over Shadows/06 la Distiction/07 Father's Tears/08 Waves Under Shadows/09 Eco Echo



  2. Brewing a hot pot of shoegaze and Krautrock bubbled through a psych filter. This one shows a band that knows how to ride the edge of groove and gently cut back to spacey atmospherics to superb effect.