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Monday, October 17, 2016

Studboy Submision No. 2.....WUCAN

(scott) I thought the 3 disc live Wucan disc I posted a while back was TOTALLY great, and I asked for
anyone with anymore of their work to come forward.....Studkid has em, and here they are, and I am thrilled to get to hear these, can't wait!
VIKARMA EP-01 Franis Vikarma/02 Frank/02 Dopetrotter/04 Big Red Bun/05 Wizard of Concrete Jungle

SOW THE WIND-01 Father Storm/02 Owl Eyes/03 Looking In the Past/04 Face in the Kraut/05 King Korea/06 Wandersmann

Wucan - 2014 - Vikarma (EP):

Wucan - Sow the Wind + Bonus (German Retro 2015);:

THANKS 100000 x over to Studkid for these, this is tremendous!

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  1. Hi Scott, thank you for this....and everything! Much appreciated. Especially all the krautrock and Electric Orange stuff, cheers phil