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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Crushing Yellow Sun

Wow, this one ("Space Station") come from John N and is one worth listening too, it's a one-man sludgy-psych kind of thing, I really did enjoy this one, (2016 release, you KNOW what that means by now!)'s kinda weird, blending a lot of cartoon-voices with some seriously savage licks, I REALLY enjoyed this one, it's a little (or a LOT) "out there", but I'm telling you, this is a good album, quite possibly even "year end" material........not a joke, this one rocks and is a 2016 answer to a heavied-up Pink Floyd or something like that.......I just know, if it were myself, I'd not like to miss this one, it's really poppin'!

SPACE STATION-01 Dragonspace 2/02 Speeding Around the Sun/03 Kentucky Bluegrass/04 Mushroom Breathing/05 Wu Inspiration/06 Wasted in Suburbia #2/07 Bloody Mary With Big Drums/08 Wasted in Baton Rouge/09 Dandelion/10 Magic Potion/11 Sitar Drums/12 Psychedelicatessen 2/13 Telegram From Outter Space

I highly recommend this one to hard rock, psych, and post-Floyd spacey stuff....this is a fine one......does the guy have more work or not? hard to get info on him, but I will say, I REALLY did enjoy this one!

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  1. Great fun , came across CYS a few days ago , I got the whole Bandcamp discography [11 albums / eps] for a bank breaking $4.90 !