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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Last Words

Well, I don't know why, but of late I've been feeling a GOOD bit of obscure early 80's new wave, and here is a good one......from Australia comew (one album only? unsure)......The Last Words.......again, typical of the era, walking the thin line, new wave just BARELY wishing it was punk, and it really sounds great......this was a fine album back in it's day, wonder how many recall it.......this is another of those semi-perfect albums that shows off so well the true sounds of that long gone and buried of early 80's new wave/pop? This WILL be for you if you've not heard it.......this is a fine album, one that I've played several times in the last 36 (!) years, Auzzie new wave/punk gets no better.....why they were not better known? Accident of history? Whatever, this is a fine album.

THE LAST WORDS-01 Walk Away/02 Top Secret/03 My Street of Fire/04 Games/05 Do-It Yourself/06 Semi-Detatched Love/07 Today's Kids/08 Spectacular Times/09 The Stranger/10 It's Alright/11 Every Schoolboy's Dream/12 Never Never Man



  2. I've been LOVING these posts!! Like you, these punk/new wave/ power pop LPs were the sounds of my teens.