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Monday, October 31, 2016

The NEXT part of my garage fuzz post

Letter "E" shouldn't be THAT hard to get through, so lets see what we can accomplish here......I want to
make certain that anyone who missed this fab torrent before makes sure that they grab it this time, (hopefully in something of an easier format) is the LATEST part of this totally fab garage-fuzz post!

01 EDGES OF WISDOM-The Past/02 EIRIK WANGBERG-Every Night I Dream a Little Dream/03 ELASTIC PRISM-Time Change/04 ELECTRAS-Action Woman/05 ELECTRIC LOVE-This Seat is Saved/06 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Hideaway/07 ELOIS-By My Side/08 ENDD-Project Blue/09 ENGLISH MUFFINS-Leave or Stay/10 EPIC FIVE-I need Your Lovin'/11 ERA OF SOUND-Girl In the Mini
Skirt/12 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS-Gratefully Dead/13 ERIK & THE SMOKE PONIES-I'll Give You More/14 ERNIE & THE EMPERORS-Got a Lot to Say/15 ESCAPADES-Mad Mad Mad/16 EVIL ENC. GROUP-Hey You/17 EVIL ENC. GROUP-The Point Is/18 EXOTICS-Come With Me/19 EXOTICS-I Was Alone/20 EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/21 EXPEDITION TO EARTH- Expedition to Earth/22 EXPEDITION TO EARTH-Time Time Time/23 EXPRESS-Wastin My Time/24 EXPRESSIONS-Return to Innocence

In Isolation

John N sent me this one, to me it rings true as hell as early 1980's new-wave pop/'s really quite good, I really enjoyed it, damn near a time trip for me.....really, this is a god album, one which I was completely unfamiliar with, but it really is cool, takes my back to the early 1980's........check it or don't, IMO this is a pretty damn good disc.

A CERTAIN FRACTAL LIGHT-01 Parlance/02 A Certain Fractal Light/03 Not Noticing/04 Truth or Dare/05 Elder Statesman/06 The Letter/07 Strange Thoughts (I Live This Just For You)/08 Ghostburn/09 Gods/10 Mist

The Pack A.D.

The Pack A.D., compliments of John N,consist of singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller......not a band I have been familiar with, but, sounds great and sounds like a great share......good chick-fronted garage rock, what the FUCK more do you want than that? Rock n Roll, baby, Rock N Roll!!!!

POSITIVE THINKING-01 So What/02 Yes I Know/03 Teenage Crime/04 Anyway/05 Medium/06 Los Angeles/07 Sorrow/08 Error/09 Gold Eyes/10 Is It So/11 Skin Me/12 Fair Enough

From Jon S to Jonder

Jonder requested this Jesus and Mary Chain show, and Jon S happens to have it!.......I love that people can
operate this way on this blog, that is why we are here, as I have said 10000 times before.....we ALL deserve the "perfect" record collection, and we can all have it, too, as long as we all SHARE!

Here's the original email, and if anyone else wants this fab download, feel free! GREAT shit......

His Scott -

JonderREQUESTED this show in the comments of The Jesus And Mary Chain post. Would you pass this on to him, please.

Hi Jonder -

The best I could find was an audience shot video on youtube. I've downloaded and zipped the video. Also, I broke the show down into audio tracks.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - The Royal Festival Hall 6/22/07

01-Never Understand/02-Head On/03-Far Gone And Out/04-Catchfire/05-Sidewalking/06-Snakedriver/07-Dead End Kids/08-Happy When It Rains/09-Some Candy Talking/10-Between Planets/11-Blues From A Gun/12-Cracking Up/13-All Things Must Pass/14-Teenage Lust/15-Just Like Honey/16-encore break/17-Vegetable Man/18-You Trip Me Up/19-Reverence

Thanks, Jon

Some More of Lewdd's great CLASH boots

I try to mix things up a bit, wish I could do so more, but, I do try......between  MY own stuff and the stuff the
team submits, i HOPE that we get enough variety coming your way.....anyway, it's been a little while since I've put up a batch of Lewdd's Clash boots, and  it is just about time! here are a handful of CLASH boots, brought your way from the great Lewdd!

First up you get a show from 1977, from Amsterdam.......I'm not goig to listen to it right now, thusly, with it's unlabled track lists, I can't give ya an accurate track list. Know what I say? It;s the fuckin Clash, if you don't know these songs, why are you here anyway?  Anyway, HERE come some more Clash boots, hope you enjoy them, once again, the QUALITY may be good or bad, Lewdd archived these for historical value, so we get what we get......

5/14/77 AMSTERDAM (Tracks 1-14, unlableled, a TRUE Clash fan will figure it out easilly!)

5/15/77 PLYMOUTH FIESTA-01 London Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 Hate &
War/05 Cheat/06 48 Hours/07 Deny/08 Police and Thieves/09 Capital Radio/10 Protex Blue/11 Remote Control/12 Career Opportunites/13 Janie Jones/14 White Riot/15 Garageland/16 1977

5/21/77 ST. ALBAN-(Track 1-19 unlableled, again, a TRUE Clash fan will have no issue!)

5/28/77 CARDIFF (Tracks 1-16, unlabeled, again, but again, a TRUE Clash fan will shake these out!)

A quick re-look at Crushing Yellow Sun

I thought the Crushing Yellow Sun post was great, wel, Studkid sends us a link for thier Bandcamp site, according to him, most of their work is available free........I really do like this band, and thank Studkid for sending the link, see what you think, I really liked this band, here is a BUNCH more of their output, see what ya think!

Check Bandcamp. 11 releases this year, most of it for free.

Studkid submits more Lou Barlow

(scott) good submission from Studkid here, Lou Barlow is an underappreciated performer if ever there were
one.......I posted his latest (pretty good) album in the last few days, and along comes Studkid with some more Barlow goodies that you are going to want! Personally I had no knowledge of the hardcore band Deep Wood, aparently they released but a single 7".....but hey, here it is, should be great!!!!!
In 82' Barlow joined Marscis in Deep Wound, a hardcore punk band. They released only a 7". Here is a disk with the 7" + live.

Try Barlows webside. Its full of lyrics, songs,VIDEOS and etc...Chaotic as hell.


(scott) Thanks a million Studkid, i LOOOOOVE this type of submission........please continue to send them at your convenience!

well, here is some MORE Barlow from Studkid, might as well check these as well.........

Sorry, forgot this one

"A one-off side project with Northampton's own Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Folk Implosion, etc) Bob Fay (who joined Sebadoh right after this) and Eric Matthews, (Cardinal, solo act) this little 33RPM 7" EP was cut as a favor to a Sebadoh fan who was trying to get his small label, Sonic Bubblegum, up and running in Brighton, MA.

 This has Lou Barlow's stamp all over it. Very Sebadoh-esque, just a bit weirder and angrier than your average Lou B Sebadoh material. Back when Lou was in Dinosaur Jr, his lyrical contribution to the band was mostly bloodcurdling angry screams. The sensitive and quieter side of Lou came out with Sebadoh, and early on, he seemed willing to let Eric Gaffney play the role of the band's screaming psychotic. Belt Buckle seems to be an outlet for the pissed-off Lou that got left behind. Thankfully, he doesn't revert back to his old screaming ways. Instead, he writes these twisted and humorously dark little songs. StandoutTRACKS are "Judas Suicide" and "Mary Hair". Pretty sure I picked this up at Main St. Records shortly after it was released.

 A: Judas Suicide, Pocket Skylab Love
 B: Mary Hair, Girl Who Reads
taken from daily7inch.blogspot

My RAGE Subsides (only a BIT)

Winding up a week or so worth of Rage Against the Machine stuff, today focusing on odds and ends, this
should have some interesting nuggets in here for did everyone enjoy the live sets, I told ya they were smokin'......anyway, various types of things today, I do think you will love these as well.......continue to fight the power!

First up, a fairly obscure set of studio demos, with some not-so-well-known tracks, such as "In House Drive By:, "Microphone is the Threat" and more. Recommended for fans/completists."Live and Rare is a mish mash, mostly random live tracks, also studio versions of "Darkness" and "Clear the Lane"......again, for fans who want to hear EVERYTHING.

One of my faves is the "Collaborations" disc, the boys team up with NWA, Tool (!), Beastie Boys, Chuck D.......this is a good one, highly recommended.......I've got "Unplugged and Rare", got some good ones on it as well, kind of cool to hear such angry songs done unplugged for a change, kind of funny even. Someone gave me this one, I think, and the label is wrong, I am going to print the song titles AS THEY APPEAR on the label, keep in mind they are great if some dedicated fan could straighten that up for us......

Finally, "Miscellanious Rarities", another grab bag, but some stuff I have nowhere else, say, "Medusa", "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal" and more........this is fine, and rare stuff, and, just to stir up trouble, I wonder if ONE person will criticize me for "promoting" thier "hateful" left wing politics (not hateful? "Bullet in the Head", huh?) when they were so quick to criticize me for posting hateful rightwingers. Answer: No, not ONE will.

STUDIO DEMOS-01 Bombtrack/02 Take the Power Back/03 In House Drive By/04 Genocide/05 nGet Down/06 Township Rebellion/Know Your Enemy/08 microphone is a Threat/09 Killing in the Name/10 Autologic/11 In the Narrows/12 Freedom

1996 LIVE AND RARE-01 Bullet in the Head (live)/02 Settle For Nothing (live)/03 Bombtrack (Live)/04
Freedom (Live)/05 Intro (Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos)/06 Zapata's Blood (live)/07 Without a Face/08 Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox(live)/09 Fuck tha Police (Live)/10 Darkness/11 Clear the Lane

COLLABORATIONS-01w/CHUCK D-Zapata's Blood/02 w/NWA-Fuck that Police/03 w/OTHERS-lection USA/04 w/OUTKAST-Bombs over Bahdad (remix)/05 w/SNOOP DOG-Snoop Bounce/06 w/ZACH DE LA ROCKA & DJ SHADOW-march of Death/07 VS/PRODIGY-One Man Army/08 VS/SHAGGY-Boombastic/09 w/BEASTIE BOYS-Bulls on Parade vs The New Style/10 w/Tool-Know Your Enemy

UNPLUGGED AND RARE-01 Take the Power Back/02 Testify/03 Bombtrack/04 The House of Rage/05 Hadda Been Playing on the Jukebox/06 People of the Sun/07 Darkness/08 Bombtrack/09 Killing in the Name/10 Bullet in the Head/11 Know Your Enemy/12 Bullet in the Head/13 End of the Tunnel/14 Bombtrack/15 Take the Power Back

MISCELLANIOUS RARITIES-01 Darkness of Greed/02 Clear the lane/03 Fuck tha Police/04 Free Mumia Abu-Jamal/05 Star Wars Industrial March/06 Bombtrack (acoutic remix)/07 Bullet in The Head (DJ Jinx Remix)/08 CIA/09 Killing in the Name (Bass/drums remix)/10 Medusa (Demo)/11 Take the Power Back (Live)/12 Roll Right (remix)/13 Producer/14 Reaction 105/15 No Shelter/16 Settle For Nothing (Live)/17 Narrows/18 Autologic

I am kinda proud of this one, I think it's pretty comprehensive, and, mostly, contains a ton of great

music.......Rage  was  a great band for a short while, they were destined to combust, but in the meantime, they sure were PISSED OFF, noone could argue that.........anyone with any other Rage rarities is more than welcome and is invited to share!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Jon S-SUPER POST-The Jesus and Mary Chain

(scott) Oh, hell yes, an old favorite of mine.....haven't even went through it yet, so I may have some stuff to
add later, but when we summarize the bands of the 80's, THE CHAIN has to come out near the top.......their unique combination of squalling Velvet Underground-style feedback and sludge guitar, blended with those Beach Boys type harmonies, made for one of the most identifiable sounds in rock.......great albums here, great live shows, and I'll do my own inventory and see it I have anything to add (It's possible)......

This is yet another of the well done, comprehensive, and so incredibly valuable to the readers posts that comes from Jon S, when he puts one together, NO ONE can contend with him.......SOOOO many great posts, and this is simply another one!

Like the band's obnoxious followers used to chant in the 1980's, "HEY, Man, NOBODY touches THE CHAIN!")........some fab stuff here, I will say that this was a band with some really BAD material as well, so pick and choose......."Psychocandy" (especially) and "Honey's Dead" are good starting points, but there really IS a LOT of great material here!

Psychocandy (1985)

01 Just Like Honey/02 The Living End/03 Taste The Floor/04 The Hardest Walk/05 Cut Dead/06 In A Hole/07 Taste Of Cindy/08 Never Understand/09 Inside Me/10 Sowing Seeds/11 My Little Underground/12 You Trip Me Up/13 Something's Wrong/14 It's So Hard/15 Suck (Never Understand B-Side)/16 Ambition (Never Understand B-Side)/17 Just Out Of Reach (You Trip Me Up B-Side)/18 Boyfriend's Dead (You Trip Me Up B-Side)/19 Head (Just Like Honey B-Side)/20 Cracked (Just Like Honey B-Side)/21 Upside Down/22 Vegetable Man/23 In A Hole (John Peel Session 23rd October 1984)/24 You Trip Me Up (John Peel Session 23rd October 1984)/25 Never Understand (John Peel Session 23rd October 1984)/26 Taste The Floor (John Peel Session 23rd October 1984)/27 The Living End (John Peel Session 3rd February 1985)/28 Inside Me (John Peel Session 3rd February 1985)/29 Just Like Honey (John Peel Session 3rd February 1985)/30 Some Candy Talking (John Peel Session 29th October 1985)/31 Psychocandy (John Peel Session 29th October 1985)/32 You Trip Me Up (John Peel Session 29th October 1985)/33 Cut Dead (John Peel Session 29th October 1985)/34 Up Too High (Demo)/35 Upside Down (Demo)/36 Never Understand (Demo)/37 Taste The Floor (Demo)/38 In A Hole (Demo)/39 Something's Wrong (Demo)/40 Just Like Honey (Demo)/41 The Livng End (Demo)/42 My Little Underground (Demo)/43 Never Understand (Alternate Version)/44 Jesus Fuck

Paradiso, Amsterdam 3/9/85

01 Band warming up/02 In A Hole/03 Vegetable Man/04 Taste The Floor/05 You Trip Me Up/06 The Living End/07 Just Like Honey/08 Jesus Fuck

San Diego 12/21/85

01 In A Hole/02 Just Like Honey/03 Inside Me/04 Mushroom/05 The Hardest Walk/06 Taste Of Cindy/07 Taste The Floor/08 The Living End/09 Cracked/10 You Tripped Me Up/11 Cracked

The Roxy, Los Angeles 12/22/85

01 Never Understand/02 Mushroom/03 Inside Me/04 The Living End/05 Here It Comes Again/06 You Trip Me Up/07 Just Like Honey

Darklands (1987)

01 Darklands/02 Deep One Perfect Morning/03 Happy When It Rains/04 Down On Me/05 Nine Million Rainy Days/06 April Skies/07 Fall/08 Cherry Came Too/09 On The Wall/10 About You/11 Some Candy Talking/12 Taste Of Cindy (acoustic)/13 Psychocandy/14 Hit/15 Darklands/16 Down On Me/17 Deep One Perfect Morning/18 Fall/19 In The Rain/20 Happy Place/21 Kill Surf City/22 Bo Diddley Is Jesus/23 Who Do YouLOVE/24 Everything's Alright When You're Down/25 Shake/26 Happy When It Rains (demo)/27 Happy Place/28 F.Hole/29 Rider/30 On The Wall(Portastudio demo)/31 Surfin' USA (April outtake)/32 Here It Comes Again/33 Walk And Crawl/34 Some Candy Talking (NME version)/35 Mushroom/36 The Hardest Walk (soundtrack version)/37 Don't Ever Change/38 Swing/39 Darklands (with strings)/40 Interview (Janice Long)

U4 Club, Vienna 4/10/87

01 You Trip Me Up/02 Happy When It Rains/03 Cherry Came Too/04 Everything's Alright When You're Down/05 Just Like Honey/06 The Hardest Walk/07 April Skies/08 The Living End/09 Taste Of Cindy/10 Nine Million Rainy Days/11 Down On Me/12 Kill Surf City/13 Never Understand

Umbertide, Italy 8/29/87

01 In A Hole/02 The Hardest Walk/03 Fall/04 Some Candy Talking/05 Cherry Came Too/06 Everything's Alright When You're Down/07 Just Like Honey/08 Happy When It Rains/09 Deep One Perfect Morning/10 9,000,000 Rainy Days/11 April Skies/12 Kill Surf City/13 Bo Diddley is Jesus

Rote Fabrik, Zurich 10/1/87

01 In A Hole/02 Fall/03 You Trip Me Up/04 Happy When It Rains/05 Cherry Came Too/06 Everything's Alright When You're Down/07 Just Like Honey/08 The Hardest Walk/09 April Skies/10 The Living End/11 Taste Of Cindy/12 Nine Million Rainy Days/13 Down On Me/14 Kill Surf City/15 Never Understand

Paradiso, Amsterdam 10/13/87

01 April Skies/02 Taste Of Cindy/03 Cherry Came Too/04 Some Candy Talking/05 The Living End/06 Down On Me/07 Just Like Honey

Barbed Wire Kisses (1988 Compilation)

01 Kill Surf City/02 Head/03 Rider/04 Hit/05 Don't Ever Change/06 Just Out Of Reach/07 Happy Place/08 Psycho Candy/09 Sidewalking/10 Who Do You Love/11 Surfin' USA/12 Everything's Alright When You're Down/13 Upside Down/14 Taste Of Cindy/15 Swing/16 On The Wall/17 Cracked/18 Here It Comes Again/19 Mushroom [Live]/20 Bo Diddley Is Jesus

The Whiskey A Go-Go, West Hollywood CA 10/11/88

01 Rider/02 The Hardest Walk/03 Surfin' USA/04 Darklands/05 You Trip Me Up/06 Just Like Honey/07 April Skies/08 Coast To Coast/09 Fall/10 The Living End/11 Nine Million Rainy Days/12 Inside Me/13 Who Do You Love_/14 Sidewalking/15 Gimme Hell/16 Kill Surf City

Automatic (1989)

01 Here Comes Alice/02 Coast to Coast/03 Blues from a Gun/04 Between Planets/05 Uv Ray/06 Her Way of Praying/07 Head On/08 Take It/09 Halfway to Crazy/10 Gimme Hell/11 Drop/12 Sunray/13 Sidewalking (Extended Version)/14 Sidewalking (7_ Mix)/15 Sidewalking (Chilled to the Bone Mix)/16 Taste of Cindy (Live in Detroit)/17 April Skies (Live in Detroit)/18 Surfin' USA (Summer Mix)/19 Shimmer/20 Penetration/21 Break Me Down/22 Subway/23 In the Black/24 Terminal Beach/25 Deviant Slice/26 I'm Glad I Never/27 Drop (Acoustic Version)/28 Sidewalking (BBC Radio Session)/29 Coast to Coast (BBC Radio Session)/30 Take It (BBC Radio Session)/31 My Girl (BBC Radio Session)/32 Far Gone and Out (BBC Radio Session)/33 Silverblade (BBC Radio Session)/34 Here Comes Alice (BBC Radio Session)/35 Coast to Coast (Alternate Version)/36 Just Out of Reach (88 Version)/37 Radio Ad/38 Nine Million Rainy Days (Live in Detroit)

Loreley Festival, Germany 6/24/89

01 In A Hole/02 The Hardest Walk/03 Coast To Coast/04 Who Do You Love_/05 The Living End/06 Inside Me/07 April Skies/08 Her Way Of Praying/09 Everything's Alright When You're Down/10 Rider/11 Halfway To Crazy/12 Nine Million Rainy Days/13 Sidewalking/14 Gimme Hell/15 Kill Surf City

Octagon, Sheffield 9/11/89

01 Intro/02 Rider/03 Everything's Alright When You're Down/04 The Hardest Walk/05 Coast To Coast/06 Halfway To Crazy/07 Head On/08 Her Way Of Talking/09 Taste The Floor/10 9 Million Rainy Days/11 The Living End/12 Who Do You Love/13 Take It/14 April Skies/15 Some Candy Talking/16 Sidewalking/17 Gimme Hell/18 Kill Surf City

Calamity Jane's, Las Vegas 2/4/90

01 Head On/02 Halfway To Crazy/03 Coast To Coast/04 Her Way Of Praying/05 Taste The Floor/06 The Living End/07 Who Do You Love/08 Blues From A Gun

The Roxy, Atlanta 2/21/90

01 Intro/02 Penetration/03 Rider/04 Everything's Alright When You're Down/05 The Hardest Walk/06 Head On/07 Halfway To Crazy/08 Coast To Coast/09 Her Way Of Praying/10 Taste The Floor/11 Nine Million Rainy Days/12 You Trip Me Up/13 Who Do You Love/14 Take It/15 April Skies/16 Blues From A Gun/17 Sidewalking/18 Gimme Hell/19 Kill Surf City

Honey's Dead (1992)

01 Reverence/02 Teenage Lust/03 Far Gone and Out/04 Almost Gold/05 Sugar Ray/06 Tumbledown/07 Catchfire/08 Good for My Soul/09 Rollercoaster/10 I Can't Get Enough/11 Sundown/12 Frequency/13 Rollercoaster (Ep Version)/14 Silverblade/15 Lowlife/16 Tower of Song/17 Far Gone and Out (Arc Weld Mix)/18 Teenage Lust (Desdemoana Mix)/19 Reverence (Radio Mix)/20 Heat/21 Guitarman/22 Why'd You Want Me/23 Sometimes/24 Teenage Lust (Acoustic Version)/25 Reverberation (Doubt)/26 Don't Come Down/27 Why'd You Want Me (Alternate Version)/28 Catchfire (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/29 Blues from a Gun (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/30 Head On (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/31 Reverence (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/32 Far Gone and Out (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/33 Halfway to Crazy (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/34 Frequency (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/35 Sidewalking (Live at Sheffield Arena, 28th March 1992)/36 Jim and William Reid Talk to Mark Goodier/37 Jim and William Reid Talk to Tommy Vance

Teenage Lust (New York 3/23/92)

01 Introduction/02 Catchfire/03 Blues From A Gun/04 Head On/05 Teenage Lust/06 Reverence/07 Everything's Alright When You're Down/08 Halfway To Crazy/09 Far Gone And Out/10 In A Hole/11 Taste The Floor/12 Gimme Hell/13 Sugar Ray/14 Kill Surf City/15 You Trip Me Up/16 Sidewalking

The Sound Of Speed (1993 Compilation)

01 Snakedriver/02 Reverence (Radio Mix)/03 Heat/04 Teenage Lust (Acoustic Version)/05 Why'd You Want Me/06 Don't Come Down/07 Guitarman/08 Something I Can't Have/09 Sometimes/10 Write Record Release Blues/11 Shimmer/12 Penetration/13 My Girl/14 Tower Of Song/15 Little Red Rooster/16 Break Me Down/17 Lowlife/18 Deviant Slice/19 Reverberation/20 Sidewalking (Extended Version)

Stoned & Dethroned (1994)

01 Dirty Water/02 Bullet Lovers/03 Sometimes Always/04 Come On/05 Between Us/06 Hole/07 Never Saw It Coming/08 She/09 Wish I Could/10 Save Me/11 Till It Shines/12 God Help Me/13 Girlfriend/14 Everybody I Know/15 You've Been a Friend/16 These Days/17 Feeling Lucky/18 Snakedriver/19 Something I Can't Have/20 Write Record Release Blues/21 Little Red Rooster/22 Come On - BBC Radio Session/23 God Help Me (William Vocal) - BBC Radio Session/24 Everybody I Know - BBC Radio Session/25 The Perfect Crime - BBC Radio Session/26 Till I Found You/27 Dirty Water - Demo (William Vocal)/28 Gold Help Me - Alternate Vocal Take/29 The Perfect Crime/30 Little Stars/31 Drop (Re-Recorded)/32 I'm in with the Out Crowd/33 New York City/34 Taking It Away/35 Ghost of a Smile/36 Alphabet Street/37 New Kind of Kick (Live)/38 Come On - Single Version/39 Reverence - Live at the Tinity Centre Bristol/40 Snakedriver - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/41 Come On - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/42 Happy When It Rains - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/43 Teenage Lust - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/44 The Perfect Crime - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/45 Everybody I Know - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/46 Girlfriend - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/47 Hole - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/48 Head On - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/49 Sugar Ray - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/50 I Hate Rock'n'roll - Live at the Trinity Centre Bristol/51 Interview (Steve Lamacq)

Ritz Theatre, Ebor City FL 10/13/94

01 Intro/02 Blues From A Gun/03 Fall/04 Hole/05 Everybody I Know/06 Dirty Water/07 Head On/08 Far Gone And Out/09 Save Me/10 Girlfriend/11 Catchfire/12 Happy When It Rains/13 Come On/14 Snakedriver/15 Nine Million Rainy Days/16 I'm In With The Out Crowd/17 Sugar Ray/18 God Help Me/19 Sidewalking/20 Encore Break/21 New Kind Of Kick/22 Reverence

Hate Rock 'n' Roll (1995 Compilation)

01 I Hate Rock 'n' Roll/02 Snakedriver/03 Something I Can't Have/04 Bleed Me/05 33 13/06 Lost Star/07 Penetration/08 New York City/09 Taking It Away/10 I'm In With The Out Crowd/11 Little Stars/12 Teenage Lust (Desdemoana Mix)/13 The Perfect Crime

Munki (1998)

01 I Love Rock 'n' Roll/02 Birthday/03 Stardust Remedy/04 Fizzy/05 Moe Tucker/06 Perfume/07 Virtually Unreal/08 Degenerate/09 Cracking Up/10 Commercial/11 Supertramp/12 Never Understood/13 I Can't Find the Time for Times/14 Man On the Moon/15 Black/16 Dream Lover/17 I Hate Rock 'n' Roll/18 45rpm/19 Bleed Me/20 33 1_3/21 Lost Star/22 Hide Myself/23 Rocket/24 Easylife, Easylove/25 40,000k/26 Nineteen666/27 Reverence/28 I Love Rock'n'Roll/29 Degenerate/30 Mo Tucker/31 Snakedriver/32 Cracking Up/33 Happy When It Rains/34 Stardust Remedy/35 Head On/36 Sugar Ray/37 Dream Lover/38 Supertramp/39 Virtually Unreal

Roskilde Festival, Denmark 6/28/98

01 Degenerate/02 Snakedriver/03 Cracking Up/04 Fizzy/05 Happy When It Rains/06 Teenage Lust/07 Stardust Remedy/08 Head On/09 I Love Rock'n'Roll/10 Dreamlover/11 Supertramp/12 I Hate Rock'n'Roll/13 Virtually Unreal/14 Reverence

The Complete John Peel Sessions (2000)

01 In A Hole/02 You Trip Me Up/03 Never Understand/04 Taste The Floor/05 The Living End/06 Inside Me/07 Just Like Honey/08 Some Candy Talking/09 Psychocandy/10 You Trip Me Up/11 Cut Dead/12 Fall/13 In The Rain/14 Happy Place/15 Sidewalking/16 Coast To Coast/17 Take It/18 My Girl/19 Far Gone And Out/20 Silverblade/21 Here Comes Alice

21 Singles (2002 Compilation)

01 Upside Down/02 Never Understand/03 You Trip Me Up/04 Just Like Honey/05 Some Candy Talking/06 April Skies/07 Happy When It Rains/08 Darklands/09 Sidewalking/10 Blues from a Gun/11 Head On/12 Rollercoaster/13 Reverence/14 Far Gone and Out/15 Almost Gold/16 Snakedriver/17 Sometimes Always/18 Come On/19 I Hate Rock N Roll/20 Cracking Up/21 I Love Rock N Roll


Coachella 4/27/07

01 Never Understand/02 Head On/03 Far Gone and Out/04 Sidewalking/05 Snakedriver/06 Happy When it Rains/07 Some Candy Talking/08 Between Planets/09 Blues from a Gun/10 Cracking Up/11 All Things Must Pass/12 Teenage Lust/13 Just Like Honey/14 Reverence

The Power Of Negative Thinking - B-Sides & Rarities (2008 Compilation)

01 Up Too High (Demo '83)/02 Upside Down/03 Vegetable Man/04 Suck/05 Ambition/06 Just Out Of Reach/07 Boyfriend's Dead/08 Head/09 Just Like Honey (Demo Oct. '84)/10 Cracked/11 Taste Of Cindy (Acoustic Version)/12 The Hardest Walk/13 Never Understand (Alternate)/14 My Little Underground (Demo)/15 The Living End (Demo)/16 Some Candy Talking/17 Psychocandy/18 Hit/19 Cut Dead (Acoustic)/20 You Trip Me Up (Acoustic)/21 Walk And Crawl/22 Kill Surf City/23 Bo Diddley Is Jesus/24 Who Do YouLOVE/25 Everything's Alright When You're Down/26 Shake/27 Happy When It Rains (Demo)/28 Happy Place/29 F.Hole/30 Rider/31 On The Wall (Demo)/32 Surfin' USA (Outtake)/33 Here It Comes Again/34 Don't Ever Change/35 Swing/36 Sidewalking/37 Surfin' USA (Summer Mix)/38 Shimmer/39 Penetration/40 Break Me Down/41 Subway/42 My Girl/43 In The Black/44 Terminal Beach/45 Deviant Slice/46 I'm Glad I Never/47 Drop (Acoustic Re-Mix)/48 Rollercoaster/49 Silverblade/50 Lowlife/51 Tower Of Song/52 Heat/53 Guitarman/54 Why'd You Want Me/55 Sometimes/56 Teenage Lust (Acoustic Version)/57 Reverberation (Doubt)/58 Don't Come Down/59 Snakedriver/60 Something I Can't Have/61 Write Record Release Blues/62 Little Red Rooster/63 The Perfect Crime/64 Little Stars/65 Drop Re-Record/66 I'm In With The Out Crowd/67 New York City/68 Taking It Away/69 Ghost Of A Smile/70 Alphabet Street/71 Coast To Coast (Alternate - William Vox)/72 Dirty Water (Demo - William Vox)/73 Till I Found You/74 Bleed Me/75 33 1_3/76 Lost Star/77 Hide Myself/78 Rocket/79 Easylife, Easylove/80 40,000k/81 Nineteen666

House Of Blues, San Diego CA 6/17/12

01 Snakedriver/02 Head On/03 Far Gone and Out/04 Between Planets/05 Blues From a Gun/06 Teenage Lust/07 Sidewalking/08 Cracking Up/09 All Things Must Pass/10 Some Candy Talking/11 Happy When It Rains/12 [station ID]/13 Just Like Honey/14 Reverence/15 The Hardest Walk/16 Taste Of Cindy/17 Never Understand

The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh 2/19/15

01 April Skies/02 Head On/03 Some Candy Talking/04 Psychocandy/05 Up Too High/06 Reverance/07 Upside Down/08 Intro To Psychocandy/09 Just Like Honey/10 The Living End/11 Taste The Floor/12 The Hardest Walk/13 Cut Dead/14 In A Hole/15 Taste Of Cindy/16 Never Understand/17 Inside Me/18 Sowing Seeds/19 My Little Underground/20 You Trip Me Up/21 Something's Wrong/22 It's So Hard/

The Warfield, San Francisco 5/16/15

1-01 April Skies/1-02 Head On/1-03 Some Candy Talking/1-04 Psychocandy/1-05 Up Too High/1-06 Reverence/1-07 Upside Down/1-08 Just Like Honey/1-09 The Living End/1-10 Taste the Floor/1-11 The Hardest Walk/1-12 Cut Dead/1-13 In a Hole/1-14 Taste of Cindy/1-15 Never Understand/1-16 Inside Me/1-17 Sowing Seeds/1-18 My Little Underground/1-19 You Trip Me Up/1-20 Something's Wrong/1-21 It's So Hard