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Monday, October 3, 2016

Another Madame New-Age-Post

The lovely and intelligent Madame this week lets us into her world a bit more with two CD's worth of Ruth
Barrett's "The Year Is a Dancing Woman".....I've listened to it a few times, mostly at bedtime,  it is very relaxing, and it is wonderful for background music during meditation........a collection of seasonal Goddess celebrations. Citing my lack of specific knowledge, I'll direct you to an album review written by Marisa Young a few years back, which I think is a good brief summarization of this effort;
Volumes 1&2 CD review from The Beltane Papers, Spring ‘04 

We have come to expect no less than perfection from Ruth Barrett over the years, and her new two-volume set does not disappoint. Here is the perfect accompanimentFOR YOUR seasonal Goddess celebrations, whether solitary or with a group. Many of Ruth’s original chants are here, like the Triple Goddess chant, Labyrinth, and Invocation to Brigid. We also hear many wonderful works from some of our most beloved Goddess foremothers, including Kay Gardner, Shekhinah Mounntainwater, Starhawk, and Carolyn Hillyer. There are chants and songs for each turn of the wheel: Winter Solstice, Brigid, Spring Equinox, may Eve, Summer Solstice, First harvest, Fall Equinox, Hallowmas. Ruth is accompanied by voice and percussion, courtesy of a beautiful chorus of Goddess women. These chants and songs perfectly invoke the spirit of each season and will have you singing and dancing your own praises to the Mother. This is Goddess music at its finest—the music that Ruth was born to create. Grateful blessings to Ruth and to all the sisters who share their invaluable gifts with us in this incredible set. 

-review by Marisa Young
I like it, as i have liked a good bit of the material associated with Madame Angela's's a lifestyle that I hope to adopt soon, as soon as I can learn all I need, and then, hopefully, when "life" shit settles down a bit, Madame Angela and myself plan on getting married!  Well, it's exciting to ME, and that's what matters.....anyway, trust me, Angie is her OWN PERSON, no question, and she has a LOT MORE of these albums of chants, odd instrumentations, pagan/celtic stuff (HEY, I got some Celtic stuff too......I got a Larry Bird jersey......

Anyway Angela always wonders how here stuff will be recieved here (it's generally "different" enough to stir some good interest, so if you happen to like this, as many of you did the chanting monks or the singing bowls, tell us about it. Do you want MORE stuff like this once in a while? You know we are and have always been about the variety, and the contributions, which as I say over and over is what makes this blog the good one that I think it is. Please check these out and report back, and also listen too em as you are nodding off, EXCELLENT music to fall asleep to/meditate/think about life to.

Volume 1-01 Lady of Three/02 Lucina Chant/03 On That Day/04 Invocation of Mother Holle/05 Invocation to Brigid/06 Ave Luna (Prayer to the New Moon)/07 Way to the Well/08 Come Into Our Dream/09 Peaceful Warrior Chant/10 Maiden Rising/11 Laughing Maiden/12 Invocation/13 Sacred  Blood Chant/14 Staines Morris/15 Blessed Be the Fire/16 Weave and Spin/17 Free ticket to Heaven/18 Triple Goddess Chant

Volume 2-01 Through All the World Below/02 We Are the Fire/03 Labyrinth/04 Celebrate/05 Holy Mother's Protecting Chain/06 Earth Mother/07 Pentagram/08 Go to the Very Edge/09 Grandmother Chant/10 We Are the Flow/11 Hecate/12 Spiral Is Turning/13 Revocation Chant/14 Seasonal Magick

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