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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Let Us "redux" Blue Cheer

An old fave of mine, that have been featured here at least once or case you don't know, Blue
Cheer were the ultimate in ugly, grinding, sludge rock, and they put out two FAB albums of the same.....I've posted these before, but, as previously, I think my first posts were vinyl rips (NOT necessarily a bad thing), but I DO happen to have some digital editions of their two amazing albums (yes, I know about their "other" opinion: they suck. PERIOD), I am going to re-up the two CLASSIC Blue Cheer issues, in glorious (or not) digital format, these albums are so loud and sludgy, they are ABSOLUTE classics, this is just another opportunity for you to check them and be part of the "down with Blue Cheer" kidding, "Doctor Please" from "Vincebus Eruptum" is on the first disc of BigScott's "What Is Heavy Metal?" project, and the rest of this sludgy stuff is that good, loud, UGLY rock n roll that any of us former/present drug fiends have GOT to love!.....

So without further ado, and since I couldn't think of anything else to put up today, here, motherfucker, are the GREAT Blue Cheer! (Longtime readers will recall that last time I posted a live boot with these, the rason I didn't this time is simple: it REALLY kind of sucks).

VINCEBUS ERUPTUM-01 Summertime Blues/02 Rock me Baby/03 Doctor Please/04 Out of Focus/05 Parchment Farm/06 Second Time Around

OUTSIDEINSIDE-01 Feathers From Your Tree/02 Sun Cycle/03 Just a Little Bit/04 Gypsy Ball/05 Come and Get It/06 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/07 The Hunter/08 Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger/09 Babylon

This is CLASSIC shit here, if you are a newb to THIS stuff, you MUST get with the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  2. two of the greatest albums of all time.........outside is my fave of their catalogue. i interviewed an early BC alum a couple of years back, Eric's the link.

  3. You should give "Oh Pleasant Hope" another chance. Though by that time the band had rearranged members so that Dickie Peterson was the only original Blue Cheer alumnus, the album is quite good, kind of a humorous but atmospheric stoned California take on The Band's influence, with Gary Yoder (of KAK fame) contributing a lot of good stuff. "New! Improved", with the at-the-time world's loudest guitarist Randy Holden was also pretty good, though uneven. I agree though that a couple of their middle albums were cliched "rawk" that maybe Grand Funk fans would enjoy, but few others.

    This has nothing to do with Blue Cheer or anything else on your blog except the T&A pics, but how about a feature on the greatest of lowbrow comedians, Rudy Ray Moore?

  4. to be honest I never heard of him, BUT I ALWAYS rsearch requests, so let m see what I can do.....if YOU have any material to share, that would be cool as well.