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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Garbage should have been one of the biggest bands of the '00's.......never did understand why they didn't
take off as I thought they would......I assume you are partially familiar, at least, and if not, I think I have about all of it here.....Garbage were Scotish Vixen Shirly Manson on vocals, keyboards, and guitars, Duke Erikson on bass, guitar, and keyboards, Steve Marker on guitar/keyboards, and Butch Vig on the drums......solid albums, solid singles, great concerts, maybe it's just me, but it never seemed that they took hold the way I thought they would, but, you just never know.......anyway, for my money, one of the best post-grunge alt bands of the era.

Interesting thing here: I have all their discs on CD (I think)......while I was looking around for rare stuff, I noticed that Pirate Bay had some other versions of the albums (Japanese, Australian, etc)my aim here (hope it works) is to reconstruct the albums, adding any additional tracks from those special releases......I hope this works alright, if not, I'll do it another way. Anyway, this was/is a great band, and if Shirley Manson needs a bed to lie down in for a few nights, I'm sure I could find a spot for her.

Good albums, surprisingly, to me, I don't seem to have any boots.......anyone? It'd be pretty cool to add some live muwsic to this stack (I saw them live once and they were fab!)......anyway, here is what I have for ya:

GARBAGE-01 Supervixen/02 Queer/03 Only Happy When it Rains/04 As Heaven is Wide/05 Not My Idea/06 A Stroke of Luck/07 Vow/08 Stupid Girl/09 Dog New Tricks/10 My Lover's Box/11 Fix Me Now/12 Milk/13 Subhuman*/14 #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper Mix)*

*From Japanese Edition

GARBAGE (LIMITED EDITION AUSTRALIAN BONUS DISC)-01 Milk (Rabbit in the Moon Mix)/02 Stupid Girl Tee's Radio Mix/03 Queer (Danny Saber Mix)/04 Dog New Tricks (The Pal Mix)/05 Alien Sex Fiend

VERSION 2.0 (Japanese Version)-01 Temptation/02 I Think I'm Paranoid/03 When I Grow Up/04 Medication/05 Special/06 Hammering In My Head/07 Push It/08 The Trick Is To Keep Breathing/09 Dumb/10 Sleep Together/11 Wicked Ways/12 You Look So Fine/13 Push It (Boom Boom Satellites Mix)/14 Lick the Pavement */15 Thirteen *

*From Japanese Special Limited Edition

LIVE JAPANESE BONUS DISC-01 Dumb/02 Stupid Girl/03 Temptation Waiting/04 Vow

BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE-01 Shut Your Mouth/02 Androgony/03 Can't Cry These Tears/04 Til the Day I Die/05 Cup of Coffee/06 Silence is Golden/07 Cherry Lips (Go baby Go)/08 Breaking Up the Girl/09 Drive You Home/10 Parade/11 Nobody Loves You/12 Untouchable/13 So Like a Rose/14 Begging Bone*/15 The World Is Not Enough *

*From Japanese Special Limited Edition

BLEED LIKE ME-01 Bad Boyfriend/02 Run Baby Run/03 Right Between the Eyes/04 Why Do You Love Me/05 Bleed Like Me/06 Metal Heart/07 Sex Is Not the Enemy/08 It's All Over But the Crying/09 Boys Wanna Fight/10 Why Don't You Come Over/11 Happy Home/12 I Just Wanna Have Something To Do*

*From Japanese Edition

NOT YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE-01 Automatic Systematic Habit/02 Big Bright World/03 Blood For Poppies/04 Control/05 Not Your Kind of People/06 Felt/07 I Hate Love/08 Sugar/09 Battle In Me/10 Man on a Wire/11 Beloved Freak/12 The One/13 What Girls Are Made of/14 Bright Tonight/15 Show Me that's about it for the fave song is the great "Sex Is Not the Enemy", but there area MANY more gems here.......and, thanks to Pirate Bay, here is a bunch of singles and EP's......

EP #1-01 Queer/02 Trip My Wire/03 Queer-The Very Queer Dub Bin/04 Queer-The Most Beautiful Girl In Town Mix

EP#2-01 Queer/02 Butterfly Collector/03 Queer (F.T.F.O.I. mix)/04 Queer (Danny Saber Mix)

EP#3-01 Vow/02 Subhuman/03 1 Crush

EP#4-01 Milk (LP Version)/02 Milk (Siren Mix)/03 Milk (Udder Mix)/04 Milk (The Wicked Mix)

EP#5-01 Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky)/02 Milk (The Completely Trashed Remix)/03 Milk (Original version)/04 Stupid Girl (Tee's Radio Mix Todd Terry)

EP#6-01 Milk (The Wicked Mix Featuring Tricky)/02 Milk (The Classic Remix-Massive Attack & Craig
Armstrong/03 Milk-The Udder Mix (Rabbit in the Moon)/04 Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Remix)

EP#7-01 Only Happy When it Rains/02 Girl Don't Come/03 Sleep

EP #8-01 Stupid Girl/02 Stupid Girl (Tee's Radio Mix)/03 Driving Lesson

EP#9-01 #1 Crush (Promo)

EP #10 01 I Think I'm Paranoid/02 Deadwood/03 Afterglow

EP #11 01 I Think I'm paranoid/02 I Think I'm Crystalized (Extended Edit)/03 I Think I'm Paranoid Purity Mix (Jill Stark)

EP #12 01 Push It/02 Push It (Boom Boom Satellites Mix)/03 Thirteen/04 Lick the Pavement

EP #13 01 Special/02 13 X Forever/03 Special (Brothers in rhythm Mix)

EP #14 01 Special/02 Medicataion (Acoustic Version)/03 Push It (Victor Calderone Mix)

EP #15 01 The Trick Is To Keep Breathing/02 Can't Seem to Make You Mine/03 Tornado/04 Special (Rickedy Raw Mix)

EP #16 01 The World Is Not Enough (original)/02 The World Is Not Enough (U.N.K.L.E. remix)/03 Ice Bandits

EP #17 01 When I Grow Up/02 Can't Seem To make You Mine/03 When I Grow Up (Danny Tenaglia's Mix)

EP #18 01 When I Grow Up/02 Tornado/03 Special (Rickdy Raw  R+B remix

EP #19 01 You Look So Fine/02 Get Busy With the Fizzy/03 You Look so Fine (Fun Lovin' Criminals Version)/04 You Look So Fine (Eric Kupper Deep Drama Mix)

EP#20 01 You Look So Fine/02 Soldier Through This/03 You Look so Fine (Fun Lovin' Criminals Version)

EP #21 01 Androgyny/02 Begging Bone/03 Androgyny (The Glitz Mix By Felix Da Housecat)/04 Androgyny (The Architech's Mix)

EP #22 01 Breaking up the Girl/02 Use Me/03 Breaking Up the Girl (Timo Moss Remix)/04 Breaking Up the Girl (Brothers in Rhythm Radio Edit)

EP #23 01 Shut Your Mouth/02 Happiness Part 2/03 Only Happy When It Rains (Live)/04 Wild Horses (live)

EP #24 01 Run Baby Run/02 Honeybee/03 Never Be Free/04 Badass (October 2003 Ruff Demo)

EP #25 01 Sex Is Not the  Enemy/02 Honeybee

EP #26 01 Why Do You Love Me/02 Space Can Come Through Everyone/03 Nobody Can Win/04 I Just Wanna Have Something To Do

EP #27 01 Tell Me Where It Hurts/02 Bad Boyfriend (Garbage Remix)/03 Betcha/04 All the Good In This Life


  1. garbage

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    version 2.0


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    EPs will be up soon, show patience!

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  3. Definitely not a top Garbage song, but "Special" had one of the most striking music videos of the 90s.

    I admit it looks a bit passe now, but back then i found it as thrilling as Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy" video.

  4. Wow, this is a huge collection. Thank you, Scott!