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Thursday, November 17, 2016

ESP Ohio

Filling the leadoff spot today as capably as an in-his-prime Rickey Henderson  (American baseball reference for those in the non-baseball world) is the ever-reliable John N, starting our blogging day out with some new indy rock from the great land of Ohio, aptly named ESP Ohio......a side-project for Guided By Voices Doug Gillard and with Robert Pollard, entitled "Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean".

Pretty decent release, ironically I have never been a really huge fan of Guided By Voices even though they are from my own sort-of backyard (the Dayton Ohio area, where I have spent my life for better or worse), don't get me wrong, I don't really dislike them or anything, just kind of a very neutral reading on them.....this is fairly GBV-ish, the singles "Royal Cyclopean" (pretty good) and "Lithuanian Bombshells" (quite good) are worth a listen, and really, the whole album deserves a spin.......thanks to John N for remembering my fellow Buckeyes!

STARTING POINT OF THE ROYAL CYCLOPEAN-01 A Much Needed Shot in the Arm/02 The Great One/03 Tom Tom Small and Wonderful/04 Miss Hospital '93/05 Bird Man of the Cloth/06 Intercourse Fashion/07 You The Earthman/08 Flowers and Magazines/09 Royal Cyclopean/10 Weakened By a Logical Mind/11 Girls' House/12 The Violent Side/13 The Ticket Who Rallied/14 Sleeping Through the Noise/15 Lithuanian Bombshells/16 Grand Beach Finale

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