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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mystic Tide

(scott) Another submission from John N, I was SURE I'd posted this before but if I have it's long, here it is again, this is a semi-classic of 1960's garage-psych, featured extensively in the "Unknown Legends of Rock N Roll" book I sometimes reference.......The write up John N sent with the album is good enough for me, so here ya go:

Considered by many to be one of the truly great 1960s garage classics.  All of these tracks are ultra cool stabs at a sort of Mersey beat sound with garage and surf rock overtones that leap out of the speakers and grab you from the word “GO” and then proceed to turn the heat up several more notches with a unbelievably unhinged and supercharged over-the-top guitar break.  Things get cooking with the "Mystic Eyes,” a pulsating death wail of garage punk oblivion that has Joe Docko oozing like a Eric Burdon’s second cousin while The Tide sound like The Calico Wall.  "Frustration" is a seething, full bore punk commando raid with an intensity that reminds of The Craig's "I Must Be Mad."  “Running through the Night" heads off into Third Bardo territory of surf/psychedelic madness, "Psychedelic Journey parts 1&2" are a non-stop instrumental choke hold that was inspired by The Butterfield Blues Band's "East West," and “Mystery Ship” is a tour de force that just sort of sits there in its own juices until eventually striking like a rattlesnake, with Joe’s guitar the lethal venom.  When it's all over, many consider The Mystic Tide one of the truly great groups of the late 60s and the equals of the 13th Floor Elevators, The Chocolate Watchband, or any other 60s garage band one can mention.  I say, “Make up your own mind.”

SOLID GROUND/SOLID SOUND-01 I Wouldn't Care/02 Why/03 Stay Away/04 I Search for New Love/05 Mystic Eyes/06 Frustration/07 Running Through the Night/08 Psychedelic Journey (Part 1)/09 Psychedelic Journey (Part 2)/10 Mystery Ship/11 You Won't Look back/12 You Know It's True/13 It's Simple Sister/14 Mystery Ship/15 Frustration/16 Silver Rails-Going Home/17 See the Light/18 Solid Ground



  2. WoW!
    Got into an argument over this a while ago with a person who said it was crap. I told him to, "
    have some more Billy Joel".