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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lyin' Bitch & The Restraining Orders

From Denver Colorado, ca. 2008 comes the second album (never heard the first one, anyone?) from these ultimate sleeze-punks......this stuff tries a little too hard, perhaps, but don't leave your sense of humor at home and this can be appealing. Thanks to Spider for loaning me this one.

CANT CUM WITHIN A HUNDRED FEET OF YOUR LOVE-01 Intro to the LBRO World Order/02 Hello Bitches/03 Ugly/04 Itch, Scratch, and Sniff/05 Secret Sessions/06 Ice Cold Beer/07 W.W.G.A.D./08 Fuck Myself/09 The Devil's Work/10 Step Into My Back Hand/11 Shot of Whiskey/12 Get a Shot/13 No Rules/14 Brain Mouth and Class/15 Best Selling Liars/16 Can't Take it To The Grave/17 Bless This House/18 Goat on a Boat

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