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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ready for reggae? Time for "Cliff Notes"!

(scott)-welcome back once again to the blogs own reggae "go to guy", the great Cliff! I am unfamiliar with the band he submits this time, and you know, I LOVE when that happens!

The Cimarons got their recording career underway in Britain in the 1970's. Their sound was unique to that being produced by their counterparts in Jamaica.  They learnt their skills backing visiting Jamaican artists during the late 60's and through the 70's. They are widely acknowledged as being the first self-contained Reggae band in the UK.

Their earlier releases contained pop influences but once they dropped those and chose to play it straight roots reggae they turned out a couple of fine albums incorporating heavy crisp rhythms, heavy basslines, and great harmonies.  On the Rock has a good rootsy feel to it but it is Maka that is considered their utopia, and for the first time, they produced and wrote everything.  On the original album there were only 9 tracks but this CD offering gives us 3 more. Also included is a bootleg of a French radio show which is worth a listen. Looking at the tracklist it appears to have come from around the same time as On the Rocks, 1976.  For some reason the band never kicked on after Maka and the albums that followed were disappointing and, in my opinion, not really worth spending a lot of time listening to. Shame as they showed with Maka that they could turn out a really top album.


Tracklist: 1.  Wake Up Jah-Man-Can (On the Rock) 2. Hear Talk of Inflation  3. Rooting For a Cause  4.  Take Heed (He Who Hides) 5.  Jan No Dead  6.  Rock Rock Reggae Rhapsody 7.  Dim the Light  8. Free as Life 9. Paul Bogle 10.  Fight to the End



Tracklist: 1.  So Free (Best Things In Life) 4:16  2.  Truly (Toast Version) 7:02  3. Mother Earth 3:57  4. The Word 4:55  5. Civilizataion 4:27  6.  Loosening Out 4:01  7. Willin (Rock Against Racism) Maxi Version 5:49  8. Give Thanks & Praise 4:58  9.  Natty Time 3:58  10. Reggae Rockin 10:07  11.  Truly 3:30  12. Willin 5:48



Tracklist: 1. Rock Reggae Rhapsody  2. Harder Than the Rock 3.  Paul Bogle  4. Dim The Light  5.  Fight
To The End 6. Free As Life  7. Wake Up Jah Man Can  8.  Jah No Dead  9.  Hear Talk Of Inflation


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  1. Thanks scott and cliff for these.never heard of lm looking to checking then out.