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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another Jim Carroll share

An Anonymous contributor sends us this, a 1983 release from Jim Carroll, "I Write Your Name".....unsure If I've ever heard it, I vaguely recall it's release and if I recall it was not very well received.....I could be wrong about that, for one, and since we are going through a Carroll "phase" here, it's certainly appropriate. I'll be giving this a listen this afternoon......thanks to everyone who has submitted to this "cause", still looking for print copies of his books if anyone has PDF's or similar?

I WRITE YOUR NAME-01 Love Crimes/02 (No More) Luxuries/03 Voices/04 Sweet Jane/05 Hold Back the Dream/06 Freddy's Store/07 Black Romance/08 I Write Your Name/09 Low Rider/10 Dance the Night Away

After viewing the track list, I am certain I have not heard this one, because I can't recall having heard a studio version of Carroll's "Sweet Jane".....I also notice that he had some damn good songwriting assistance on here, Lenny Kaye aids on "Love Crimes", and Allen Lanier helps out on "Dance the Night Away" (assuming NOT the Van Halen non-classic!).....I think most likely Carroll's music was considered fairly redundant by most people post-"Catholic Boy", but, perhaps as we revisit his career all these years later, we may see/hear things differently.....personally, I'll listen to this one with an open mind and give it an honest evaluation.



  2. I like this album. "No More Luxuries" and "I Write Your Name" are as good as anything he ever did! And covering "Sweet Jane" wasn't hackneyed yet when Carroll did it!