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Monday, November 7, 2016

Part 7 of my ultra-mega-Garage Fuzz post....

I know I put this up once before, like last year, but I think the way I did it might have scared some folks off
(files too big, which I can agree with), I've broken the Torrent down and tried to alphabetize the tracks, kind of......this is the 7th part, we are up to letter "G", and if you missed any of the previous ones, I'm pretty sure they are still available......anyways, I LOVE THIS SHIT, and I know some others do here you go, part SEVEN of this monstrosity, and there will be a BUNCH more...anyway, this stuff is GREAT music, if you miss it TWICE please don't complain......

VOLUME 7-01 THE GENTLEMEN-it's a cryin' Shame/02 GLADIATORS-Turning to Stone/03 GLASSFAMILY-I'm Losing It/04 GLASS SUN-I Can See the Light/05 GLASS SUN-Silence of the Morning/06 GOLDEN CUPS-Hey Joe/07 GOLDEN GRASS-Elastic Soldier/08 GOLLIWOGS-Walking on the Water/09 GONN-Breakdown of Greteley/10 GONN-Don't Need Your Lovin'/11 GOOD FEELINGS-Shattered/12 GOOD IDEA-Inside Outside/13 GRAINS OF TIME-No Matter What They Say/14 GRASS ROOTS-You're a Lonely Girl/15 GRAVEYARD FIVE-Graveyard Theme/16 GRAY THINGS-Charity/17 GREAT BELIEVERS-Comin' Up Fast (Parts 1 & 2)/18 GREAT SOCIETY-I'm the One For You/19 GREEN BEANS-Knock On My Door/20 GREEN BEANS-Superstition/21 GREMLINS-High Time Baby/22 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/23 GROUP AXIS-Silly Ants/24 GROUP LOVE CORP.- Love Corporation/25 GUESS WHO-It's My Pride

Hope ya like it, I gotta say I LOVE the Nuggets-garage-pre-punk stuff.......this shit kicks total ass!