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Friday, November 11, 2016

RIP to a Legend

We just went through a Cohen phase on the site not too long ago, centered around certainly one of Brian's best ever cover projects, as well as some additional pieces sent in, recent enough that they'll still be there I'm sure.......this link will give you a good write up from Rolling Stone Magazine:

And, very recently, John N sent me a copy of his fourteenth and final studio effort, "You Want it Darker".....haven't listened to it yet, but I have always enjoyed the writing of Mr. Cohen, and give thanks to him for all that he created while he was with in peace.

01 You Want it Darker/02 Treaty/03 On the Level/04 Leaving the Table/05 If I Didn't Have Your Love/06 Traveling Light/07 It Seemed the Better Way/08 Steer Your Way/09 String Reprise/Treaty

This may be one of those times you might want to act any case, huge thanks to John N



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