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Friday, November 18, 2016

Medicine Boy

(scott) It's back to back John N 2016 contributions, this Medicine Boy release ("Kinda Like Electricity") is (sort of) another example of what I consider the "future" sounds that we hard rock n roll lovers will be listening to quite soon, the noisy/semi-psych/shoe gaze blend that is coming into vogue as of late (wittness the best track on this album, "E.V.I.L.", it's fab.......). Other than this contribuation, I don't know dick about these guys, but it's a pretty enjoyable effort. Medicine Boy are a duo, ..Lucy Kruger & Andre Leo...they are from South Africa, and this, I understand is their first release......certainly it's not "great", but it DOES have its moments......if you like some of the recent albums from 2016 we've been sharing, this kind of shares the same sound as a lot of them, I really do think this is where hard rock is going.

Kind of off-topic, but not you realize how many really good bands of the last decade or two have been male/female duos? The White Stripes, The Kills, The Raveonettes, Mommy and Daddy, Mazzy Star, The Firey Furnaces....plenty more too, those were off the top of my head after about 10 seconds of thought. Medicine Boy continue the trend.

KINDA LIKE ELECTRICTY-01 The Back of My Eyes/02 You're An Animal Now/03 Time Is a Train/04 Beautiful Blue/05 Lucy/06 E.V.I.L./07 Anything, as Long As It's Black/08 Lashes/09 Alone/10 The End of the Day

This is one of those I need to listen to again to form a solid opinion, happens sometimes, but upon first listen, yes, I do recommend, pretty good.

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