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Monday, November 28, 2016

Telstar Ponies

A magnificent John N contribution, the Telstar Ponies, whom I have never heard of.......YOU KNOW I love
stuff like that.......a 1990's rock band from the great city of Glasgow Scotland, these albums are really fab, and as always I thank John N for sending them to me......I was previously not familiar.....BUT, these are great rocking albums, everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs to hear these, they are bad-ass, and need more exposure. That is why we are here, remember......fab albums, you will love em, and there are some singles/EP's  also, but it may be tomorrow before I can put them up (sorry).....good stuff....listening as I type this, don't miss out, this is fantastic stuff......sorry to miss out on this the first time, it is fab.....don't make the same mistake as me and miss classics numbers such as "Not Even Starcrossed".......pretty fucking cool albums, I think it would be to your benefit to investigate these....the second LP, " Voices From the New Music" Is damn near as'll be making a HUGE mistake to bypass these, they are fab.....what the fuck would I have to lose by saying THAT????????

IN THE SPACE OF A FEW MINUTES-01 The Moon is Not a Puzzle/02 Lul gengescichte/03 Not Even Starcrossed/04 Maya/05 Two's Insane/06 Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight/07 Monster/08 Side Netting/09 Her Name/10 Innerhalb Weniger Minuten/11 I Still Believe In Christmas Trees

VOICES FROM THE NEW MUSIC-01 Bells For Albert Ayler/02 Voices From the New Music/03 Last Outpost/04 Shizuka/05 A Little Cloud/06 Brewery Of Eggshells/07 Aegis Falling/08 Sail Her On/09 A Feather on the Breath/10 The Fall of Little Summer/11 Does Your Heart Have Wings/12 Song of Ansuz/13 La Vienna

SINGLES/EP'S-01 Maps and Starcharts/02 Her Name/03 Not Even Starcrossed/04 Does Your Heart Have Wings/05 Brewery of Eggshells/06 Farewell, Farewell/07 Hares on the Mountain

I would personally recommend you not miss these......they are fucking tremendous. JMO.......Also the singles/EP's collection is tremendous too, don't be a fool and miss it, because it's fucking great......the entire thing is fucking great....thanks so much to John N for helping me to find such fantastic stuff, with which I was previously unfamiliar......these albums are damn near "instant classics" in my opinion, they are THAT GOOD....perhaps you disagree, that is totally cool, but, I LOVE this stuff, it, once again, reminds me of the direction in which GOOD/REAL rock n roll is going.......sample these and you will "get" what I blather about so much....these are fantastic albums, you are doing yourself a complete disservice should you dodge them, they are REALLY wonderful.....PLEASE check them and PLEASE give thanks to John N who hipped (at least me) to these way cool albums.....


  1. links be up tomorrow, having some computer me though, these are wonderful albumsd, you DO NOT want to mis them, they are fucking great

  2. albums part 1

  3. albums part 2

  4. singles/eps part 1

    singles/eps part 2

  5. Any chance of a re-up on these? I'd be very grateful - used to own the albums and saw the Ponies live once or twice (phenomenal) but I've never heard the later singles. Thank you!