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Friday, November 25, 2016

Thought Forms

Been a little while (like a few days) since I've put up any "new" music that I personally consider to be what
the new stuff that hard rock lovers will be listening to for awhile, the trippy, dreamy, semi-hard psych shoegaze (MAN I do love this stuff).......this is the second album from Though Forms, "Songs About Drowning".......really good, the kind of modern shit that at least I personally have been digging on for the last couple years.....if you are a follower of this blog, by now, you know the basic sound quite well, it's kinda hard to describe, but it's a psych/noise rock hybrid that began developing a few years back......and bands like this are where we are now. Like this album a LOT (if my own personal recommendations mean anything to you, I think this is likely year end list material, it's getting late too), I think this is one you really don't want to miss (unless you, like so many others, think I have little clue as to what I speak of, then, I guess, never mind)....I really do like this one though, really good, again, I DO NOT have, nor have I heard, their first album......certainly would love to as this one is really fab. If your tastes (God have mercy one you) run similar to my own, likely you will dig this one as well........really great stuff IMO, btw, a new release, so you never know how SOME of those modern day bands, who don't quite "get it" operate.....

SONGS ABOUT DROWNING-01 Forget My Name/02 Woolf Music/03 The Bridge/04 Aeaea/05 Inland/06 Missouri/07 By the Stars/08 Drawn/09 The lake

It is the time of year "give thanks" I suppose....this has been, and is an incredible understantement, a turbulent year for me (like a divorce from a 30 year marriage, falling in love again, my son leaving for college....a LOT of life changes)....but the ONE thing that has REALLY kept me centered, grounded, focused, is this damn blog.....I work hard on this motherfucker, trust's worth it, and I LOVE all the shares that I get, I wish I would receive double that amount, but, and I likely don't do this enough, I would like to wholeheartedly thank Brian, Jonder, Cliff, John N, Jon S, Studkid, Zigzagwanderer, MD Milner, Lewdd, Madame Angela,Petty Vandetta, anyone who has ever made an anonymous contribution, and anyone else who helps make this blog what it is today.....I know I forgot someone, and I'm sorry and they will likely leave me, and it will be my loss/my fault......but really THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 10000000x over to anyone who has EVER contributed ANYTHING.....YOU, not me, by any means, are what makes this blog work (at least, make it work the way I want it to)....I love sharing the rock n roll that I personally find interesting, and I am usually most happy to share anything anyone sends me (within reason of course).....I love readers (and especially) the contributors here SO much, I could never explain it....I get a thrill/charge when I see in my email that someone has made another great submission, which helps not only the blog, but makes MY quality of life better....I am in a strange place in life right now......good/bad, we will see in the future....but, for now, this blog gives me a focus, a reason to do SOMETHING.......I vow to keep it going as long as people desire.....when they want me to go away (tomorrow? sunday?) say the word, I'm used to it!



  2. A tip of the pint o' Guiness to you and yours, and those you mentioned. And, a straight shot of that fine blood of the potato to the ones you did not metion as well,
    KUDOS GbFaL, et al!

  3. It's certainly been one helluva year, emphasis on the HELL. Thank YOU big man, for providing so much pleasure through this blog! You are a rare cat, & we love ya!