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Monday, November 21, 2016

More Jim Carroll follow-up

It's been really great that so many appreciate the Carroll post, and that so many remember him and fondly remember his work, no matter how seriously dated it might be, it's still fucking great. What we have for today is as follows....well, fuck.....I had a PDF of "The Basketball Diaries", also an EPUB of "The Basketball Diaries", an EPUB of "The Petting Zoo".....problem is, I cannot get my suck-shit computer to open them (NOT NOT NOT any fault of the submitter)......I am going to keep trying, and thanks to wonderful folks who sent me these, I just right now CANNOT open them (all from Anonymous contributors), I am including a link sent by the EPUB submitter, in case any of you with new-fangeled computers can open them:

If not, sorry, nothing much I can do, I don't know why they don't work for me, I hate shit like this, makes me look fucking stupid, but not the first time, so if it works for you, great,if not, well, I'm still trying......


  1. Scott here: OK I've fucked around with it a good bit....see if this works, use Adobe to open it, it DID work for me......someone PLEASE let me know if it works......

  2. Got it down, renamed it to .pdf and it opened just fine. Thanks!

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  4. Spoken word 'Guitar Voodoo' here