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Monday, November 28, 2016

The call for more Curve is answered in spades!

(scott) after posting the very early colleted EP's of the great Curve (John N submission), I realized
that no longer did I have the rest of their full-lengths, which I used to, or at least most of them.....anyway, a few brave souls step up to fill in my (and everyone else's) gaps, so help yourself, should be a ton of good stuff in this stack!

First of all, an Anonymous poster sends this link to another site......sure are a BUNCH of Curve albums here, unsure if all the links are good or not, feel free to try them out (I will when I get home).....the list here begins with stuff from 1992 (the "Pubic Fruit" collection is included) and runs through about 2002.

Long-timer Narcosislab send a collection of links, there will be overlap with those above I'm certain, but I'll put em all up incase anyone has any trouble with them, they can go to plan B.....


Come Clean




Open Day At The Hate Fest

Pubic Fruit

The New Adventures of Curve

The Way of Curve

And, finally, a name we haven't heard in a short while, at least, Anonymous Max from the UK! He's got a couple of MORE links to share with us on this fab band:

Faît Accompli

Horror Head

Well, those ought to keep us busy for a while.....thanks to John N (started the hole thing), Anonymous, Narcosislab, and Anonymous Max from the UK........all tremendous submissions guys, this will certainly replenish MY Curve stash box, for certain!


  1. How about you head to and actually buy some of their music, if you love it so much. Give some money back to Toni and Dean. They completely deserve it.


    1. (Curve song ^ in that clip.) PS, I love your site. Also, Dean from the band wrote a little piece for this book I put together: