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Friday, November 18, 2016

Jerry Spider Gang

A good album ("Porn on the Bayou") of early 00's punk from the French outfit Jerry Spider Gang....I don't really know what got me to thinking about this one, but it REALLY fucking slams.....the way you want your punk to be never lets up for even a second, rocks like a motherfucker.....this is kind of thing I love posting here the most, actually....I had forgotten about this album, but for some reason I listened to it today......oh HELL yes this fucking thing rocks like you will never believe......punk rockers, if you are unfamiliar, you are totally cheating yourselves, trust me, this is no goddamn joke.

PORN ON THE BAYOU-01 High School babes/02 Tokyo Fever/03 Life Is a Hell/04 I Need More/05 Big Black Car/06 Streetwalker/07 Situation Two/08 Cock In My Pocket