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Friday, November 4, 2016

Magic Shoppe

I guess I am fairly caught up on guest submissions, but I will NEVER EVER run out of John N stuff, that is a, next up, he sends me all the way from Portland Oregon, Magic Shoppe with their release "Wonderland" ......I was not familiar at all with this band/album, BUT I've been listening to it while working on the blog, and IT IS TREMENDOUS.......psych-shoegaze pop, which seems to be the direction in which listenable rock is going in the "'10's"......this is a very fabulous record, again, one that we may be hearing again at years' end.......really, I was quite surprised, REALLY enjoyed the entire album, and hope you will as well......this is a good one, if you like this kind of thing (I do).......try it out, coz I think it's a great one, freaky, rocking, great dope smoking (did I say that?) music........wonderful albaum, please don't miss it, and, of course, it's a 2016 release, and ya know what that means.........

WONDERLAND-01 Stars Explode/02 Head on the Floor/03 Kill/04 Hearing Voices/05 Blowup/06 Sister Burden/07 Find Yourself Some Love/08 Wonderland

I will say it again just for emphasis......fantastic album, almost certainly year-end material, please don't miss, as you know how new releases can sometimes be........this is one of the better releases of the year in my opinion, let me know if you agree or disagree.