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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Frank Turner

I've had this one around for a while, don't really know from where it came, but it is worth a listen.....Frank Turner (aka "Turner") is a UK semi-punk/semi-pop singer/songwriter (I guess).....I have but this 2013 release "Tape Deck Heart"......I might have listened to this one once in my life before now, and have very little knowledge about ol' Frank, he used to be in Million Dead, I guess......other than that, I enjoy this album ("Tape Deck Heart"), listening right now, kind of reminds of a (very) poor man's Costello/Parker, some really interesting songs, actually, I think some of you guys might like this one, so, natchurlly, I'm gonna put it up......"Plain Sailing Weather" is a damn cool song, and, "Four Simple Words" rocks hard enough....
well, I don't know, I just like the sounds of this album. See what you think. And, of course, provide info and other material should you be inclined.......Frank is not too fucking bad!

TAPE DECK HEART-01 Recovery/02 Losing Days/03 The Way I Tend to Be/04 Plain Sailing Weather/05 Good & Gone/06 Tell Tale Signs/07 Simple Words/08 Polaroid Picture/09 The Fischer King Blues/10 Anymore/11 Oh Brother/12 Broken Piano/13 We Shall Not Overcome/14 Where Fore Art Though, Gene Simmons/15 Tattoos/16 Underdeveloped Film/17 Time Machine/18 Cowboy Chords



  2. frank turner is incredible. try getting his other albums.

  3. heia, had frank turner in mi collection long time if ou want others scott mi able to send possibli.

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