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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Release From the Brian Jonestown Massacre

The ever hard-working and diligent John N generously sends us the new release from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.....entitled "Third World Pyramid", I certainly won't lie to you.....I haven't heard this one yet either.....I've always enjoyed this band (see archive if the older albums are still available), I'll likely get to this one tonight or tomorrow morning (you think this shit is EASY?....well, it KIND OF is, but you do have to listen to a hell of a lot of albums.....can't remember what my complaint was, sorry)......we can discuss this album later, if it's either great or it sucks hardcore, but for now, let us all simply be grateful that John N (and the rest of our fabulous guest submitters) are out there, providing us with the best in both new AND old rock n roll..........I know I personally am eternally thankful, I hope you folks are as well!

THIRD WORLD PYRAMID-01 Good Mourning/02 Government Beard/03 Don't Get Lost/04 Assignment Song/05 Oh Bother/06 Third World Pyramid/07 Like Describing Colors to a Blind Man on Acid/08 Lunar Surf Graveyard/09 The Sun Ship



  2. Is There anyway you can find some smashing pumpkins? That would be awesome. Maybe meat puppets too? I need some good 90s music

    1. What the hell, I've got tons of Pumpkins, maybe a rarities post this evening