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Friday, November 4, 2016

Ian North

Not really sure why I've been in an early-80's power pop mood of late, but as long as I am, you may as well
pick up an obscure album or two......this one from 1980, from Ian North ("Neo").....quite good, and quite unknown, semi-hard rocking, pretty representative of the scene/era......I re-listened this evening, it's a good effort........see what you think.....I am trying to keep things varied, if there is anything you wish me to post, don't hesitate to request......mostly I just go by the mood I happen to be in anymore........this here is a pretty good album though, worth your time.

NEO-01 If You Gotta Go/02 She Kills Me/03 Don't Dance/04 Heart/05 Tran-Sister/06 Heaven On Earth/07 The Robots/08 No Sound From 25/09 Hollywood Babylon/10 Girls In Gangs/11 Texas Modern/12 Kamikaze



  2. As always, you're doing humanity a great favor with this website (literally, as now more than ever, music keeps us human).

    But speaking of
    a- power pop;
    b- requests;

    howzabout that woefully-underrated classic twofer by the MAX DEMIAN band - said twofer being "Take it to the Max" and "Call of the Wild" (I'm guesstimating 79/80, seeing how the Cars/Bowie influences were both overt and yet felt completely organic....)

    Lovin' GBFAL regardless - as always, keep doin' what you're doin', because IT MATTERS.


    1. I don't think I have that one? Anyone?

  3. Any chance you can re-upload this one. I've always like Ian North but never heard this release. Thanks!