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Friday, November 11, 2016


On a Friday evening, how about another John N submittal, this one from Harts.......harts is actually multi-
instrumentalist Darrin Hart, who drops some damn fine electro-psych, or whatever you wanna call it.....I really liked this one a good bit......this, I think, is his second effort, "Smoke Fire Hope Desire", a 2016 effort (you KNOW what that means when I say it, by now)......anyway, I REALLY like this one, hard-rocking and original, the album is constructed very nicely so it flows along, not unlike, say, Hendrix "Axis Bold as Love" for example( he's been (not to be taken seriously) compared to Hendrix by some critics) .......this one really surprised me as I wasn't expecting much (for some reason, not sure WHY), but this is, in my opinion, is a fairly essential release from this year........give this one a try, I really do like it......also, does anyone have his/their first album, "Daydreamer"? Love to hear/post it.........

SMOKE FIRE HOPE DESIRE-01 Smoke/02 Fear In Me/03 All Rise/04 Fire (Interlude)/05 Peculiar/06 Power/07 Deeper the Hole/08 Hope/09 Unfamiliar/10 Wisdom (interlude)/11 Realize/12 Here I Go/13 Desire (Interlude)/14 Ain't Too Far Gone

If you are unfamiliar with this "band" ("performer", more accurately), please don't miss.....this is a damn good one, one of those accidental findings that makes all of this worthwhile. Good album, for lovers of hard rock, psych, Hendrix, maybe Lenny Kravitz (for whom I don't especially care)....well, you are going to love this disc. Really solid and rocks like hell,  really like it!


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  3. This is surprisingly impressive. I give it three thumbs up.

  4. yeah, good shout, would never have heard this without your blog. many thanks

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