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Thursday, November 10, 2016

49th Parallel

Yet another semi-obscure 1960's band whose legacy remembers them perhaps more than their actual body of work does.....this band was from Canada, ca. 1966-69....Delaney Bramlett actually wrote a tune for them, "Blue Bonnie Blue", about Bonnie Bramlett of course......anyway a solid disc, I just love these forgotten late 60's gems, and this one is the definition of the same......this (Dave N, who is John N's evil twin.....actually he is a typographical error that a few were delighted to point out to me, exposing me to yet another round of reader ridcule......of course this comes from JOHN N, guardian at the gate of the link apologies to him, and thanks to those who pointed it out. Hey if I screw stuff up, let me know, it's the only way I'll ever get it corrected. And, like Randlall said in "Clerks", "Nothing is more fun than pointing out the shortcomings of others" ) submission includes pretty much "IT", B-Sides, singles, etc).......please don't miss this one either, this is another one you will love!!!!!

49TH PARALLEL-01 Now That I'm a Man/02 Get Away/03 Eye To Eye/04 Missouri/05 Lazerander Filchy/06 (Come On Little Child And) Talk To Me/07 (The) Magician/08 Twilight Woman/09 Close the Barn Door/10 The People/11 All Your Love/12 Laborer/13 You Do Things/14 She Says/15 Citizen Freak/17 Up to No Good/18 I Need You/19 Good Time baby/20 Missouri



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  4. Hi--I'm enjoying the site.
    Vol 3 is still available here
    [the others aren't]
    What is the password please?

  5. who's the new submitter Dave N?