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Friday, November 18, 2016

Garage Fuzz Part 12

Oh, my this series has been quite popular, MUCH more so than when I posted it the first time (I think I
screwed up however I formatted it, I don't recall how that was, but I think by letter is more likely the way to do it...) Today, we submit to you the letter "L", quite a bunch of good tracks here (as usual). As I have said before, I did not create this torrent, and I don't know who did (wish I could credit them), but I DO wish to keep it alive/circulating for as long as I possibly can, this is one project that CERTAINLY deserves to live on, it's just THAT good.

PART 12-01 LA DE DA'S-Don't You Step In My Way/02 LADDS-Survival/03 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In and Out/04 LAST IMAGE-Leaving You/05 LAST KNIGHT-Shadow of Fear/06 LAUGHING KIND-Empty Heart/07 LAVENDER HOUR-So Sophisticated/08 LEE TRACY & THE TRIBUTES-Bird Doggin'//09 LEO & THE PROPHETS-Tilt a Whirl/10 LES SINNERS-Nice Try/11 LIBERTY BELL-That's How It Will Be/12 LIGHT BRIGADE-Baby You Don't Care/13 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Guaranteed Love/14 LITTER-Action Woman/15 LITTER-I'm a Man/16 LITTER-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/17 LIVE FIVE-Hunose/18 LIVE WIRES-Love/19 LIVERPOOL FIVE-She's Mine/20 LIVERPOOL SET-17 Years to the End/21 LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Years To the End/22 LIV'IN END-The Orange Rooftop of My Baby's Mind/23 LOCAL TRAFFIC-Time Gone to Waste/24 LONDONS-Old Man/25 LOOSE ENDS-Hey Sweet Baby/26 LOS JOCKERS-Psychotic Reaction/27 LOS PEYOTES-Tango Fuzz/28 LOS SIEMS-Mister Acelerador/29 LOST AGENCY-One Girl Man/30 LOST GENERATION-I'll Gladly Pay/31 LOST LEGEND-Love Flight/32 LOST SOLES-Do You Remember/33 LOST TRIBE-Fools Live Alone/34 LOU CAPRI-Love and Kisses/35 LOVE CORPORATION-Love Corporation/36 LOVED ONES-Surprise Surprise/37 LUV'D ONES-Please Get Up/38 LUV'D ONES-Portrait/39 LUV'D ONES-Up Down Sue/40 LUV'D ONES-You'll Never Know/41 LUV'D ONES-Your Mind Is/42 LUVIN KIND-Missy DM

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