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Monday, November 7, 2016

Jughead's Revenge

Here are a couple of albums of early 1990's punk, from the great city of Los's all a bit dirivative, to be certain, BUT, it is loud, hard, obnoxious punk, and some of us (like ME) are suckers for exactly this kind of thing.....NOTHING special here, no classics, just two loud punk albums (with exceptionally good punk guitar)......anyway, bringing variety to the table again, as I bet these boyos are not all THAT well known......anyway, these are pretty fair hardcore efforts, let me know......I THINK they are fairly obscure, I may be wrong on that, but, as always, this here blog is 'bout rock n roll, and not especially about GOOD rock n roll either!

UNSTUCK IN TIME-01 Jughead's Revenge/02 Unstuck In Time/03 Failure at Life/04 State of the World/05 Fuck Shit Up/06 Formula 502/07 Pack Your Bags/08 Memories of You/09 My Problems/10 Face of Destruction/11 Not My House/12 Sentenced to Death

IT'S LONELY AT THE BOTTOM-01 Fabric of the Mind/02 Burn/03 Thorn of My Rose/04 Angry/05 I Remember/06 People Bomb/07 Stabbed in the Back/08 Whom Gods Destroy/09 Love Me Tender/10 The Real World/11 Deny Myself/12 When the Party's Over/13 Alone/14 Flower Child/15 Divided/16 The Last, Last Laugh

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