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Monday, November 28, 2016

Scott's Garage Fuzz post, Part 14

Having some computer trouble today, actually, hope I can get it worked out......I had a couple of John N
submissions I wished to post today......I'll continue to work, and hopefully can figure out the problems of this rather old computer......anyway, the "Garage Fuzz" series has been quite popular, this particular chapter brought to you from the letter "N", nearly 30 tracks of this incredible nugget rock.......I'm gonna try like fuck to get you some NEW music up tonight, but it might be tomorrow the way this dick-shit computer is operating....meantime, enjoy part 14 of this (I think) awesome 60's garage punk series.....hardly a bad track in the lot, I advise ya to accumulate this one.......

PART 14-01 NAMELOSERS-Do-Da/02 NAMELOSERS-Susie Q/03 NAMELOSERS-That's Alright/04 NAZZ_Lay Down and Die, Goodbye/05 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-I Can't Believe/06 NEIGHB'BRHOOD CHILDREN-Changes Brought to Me/07 NEIGHB'BRHOOD CHILDREN-Feeling Zero/08 NEW BREED-I Got Nothing To Say To You/09 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/10 NEW WING-I Need Love/11 NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/12 NIGHT MIST-Last Night/13 NIGHT PEOPLE-The Shadow Is My Soul/14 NIGHTRIDERS-Dont Say/15 NIGHTCRAWLERS-Want Me/16 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Wild Illusions/17 NOBLEMEN-Short Time/18 NOBLES-Shorttime/ 19 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Colours and Shapes/20 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl, I Need You/21 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Jungo Partner/22 NOISE N SOUNDS/TERRY DALE-How Much Lovin/23 NORSEMEN-Home On a Cloud/24 NOTATIONS-Everythings Alright/25 NOVAS-Suburban Life/26 NUNCHEZ'S-Open Up Your Mind/27 NUNSUCH-They Threw Sticks and Stones



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