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Monday, November 7, 2016

Liquid Sound Company

Only thing I have from these dudes, some fab retro
-psych, with some bad-ass stoner influences.....I think they cranked out another album or two, but this one, "Inside the Acid Temple" REALLY excellent.....spacey, druggy, psycho-swirling, damn good drug taking tunes.....this is one you psych lovers ougth to dig up on, it's a really good one, and if you have anything else by these guys, team GBFAL, please send and share, mostly COZ I WANNA HEAR EM!

Good good album, in the right mind-frame, ya know? Anyway this rocks, and it's pretty damn good. Released in ca. 2003, I hope you didn't miss is your last (?) chance.......

Really a fun and great album......The Electric Prunes would be prouder than FUCK!

Keep up the good work, Liquid Sound Company, if you are still with us.

INSIDE THE ACID TEMPLE-01 Cubehead/02 The League for Spiritual Discover/03 Preparation for the Psychedelic Eucharist/04 Inside the Acid Temple/05 free I/06 The Art of Ecstasy/07 The Gospel According to Robert A Robot A Hull /09 Folding



  2. A very fine band if a little slow releasing albums , only three since their inception in 1996 , the last five years ago .