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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Garage Fuzz Part 11

I'm glad these have been so popular, and they truly have I've said before, I forget how I
packaged this collection the first time I posted it, but I guess it was the wrong way (probably too large chunks for general consumption), but this time it has been off the dial popular, being packaged by does make a difference I suppose......Today I give you around 20 or so tracks from the letter "K", a couple of these bands (unusual to this set) have been featured here before, Kaleidoscope, whose four albums i posted a LONG time ago (any interest in a re-post? it has been quite a long time) and Kenny & the Kasuals,("Journey to Tyme", one of the very best tunes of the scene) whom I profiled no too long ago (I would look except that I don't care).....anyway, these are hidden among the usual WAAAAY out-there unknowns, which are generally the highlights when it comes to this particular scene.....enjoy letter "K", man, some fab letters like "L", "M", and "N" will be up next........try to contain yourself.

PART 11-01 KALEIDOSCOPE- A New Man/02 KALEIDOSCOPE- Colours/03 KAMA DEL SUTRA-She Taught Me L:ove/04 KATCH 22-Major Catastrophe/05 KATZ KRADLE-Bad Case of You/06 KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION-See If I Care/07 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey to Tyme/08 KING'S COURT-Don't Put Me On/09 KIRKBYS-It's a CRIME/10 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Don't Tread On Me/11 KITCHEN CINQ-Determination/12  KITCHEN CINQ-Please Come Back to Me/13 KNACKS-The Theme of the Day/14 KNIGHTS BRIDGE-Make Me Some Love/15 KNIGHTS BRIDGE QUINTET-Sorrow In C Major/16 KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD-The Color of Dream/17 KYKS-Where Are You/18 KYND-Mr America

Please continue to enjoy this series, I'm glad it has been well-received this time as opposed to previously!

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