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Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Patti Smith rarity

(scott) At least I think it's pretty rare anyway, I don't recall seeing it many times on the net......this is "Paths That Cross", a two-disc effort of live recordings from various venues, with a few guest performers.....her old friend Tom Verlaine of Television fame plays guitar on a few numbers here, and this new kid Robert Zimmerman shows up on several tracks, assisting with vocals and what an annoying voice THIS kid has, I predict he's never going ANYWHERE. Just fuckinga round of course, and of course I would be remiss did I not mention this were a submission from the wonderful Link-ATM that is John N.

DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Piss Factory/03 Somalia/04 Dancing Barefoot/05 Dylan's Dog/06 Dark Eyes/07 Southern Cross/08 Black Peter/09 Not Fade Away/10 Ghost Dance/11 Because the Night/12 Paths That Cross/13 People Have the Power/14 Farewell Reel/15 Jacksons Song/16 About a Boy

DISC 2-01 Piss Factory/02 Horses/03 Wicked Messenger/04 About a Boy/05 Poem-Dancing Barefoot/06 Because the Night/07 Ghost Dance/08 Southern Cross/09 Mortal Shoes/10 Poem-Rock n Roll Nigger/11 Not Fade Away/12 Farwell Reel/13 Dark Eyes

Carpet bombed (by scott) but not thoroughly listened to yet, what I've heard was really pretty good (I'm a big Patti fan), good enough for me to go ahead and recommend pretty highly.


  1. D1


  2. and you just mentioned Lenny Kaye in the Jim Carroll post, so there's a semi-connection here

  3. Don't know this - looks lovely - thanks!

  4. Here's a wonderful poetry reading from 1975. It's about the only decent one I've found, so if anyone knows of any others, please share.

  5. @ Petty Vendetta , I have a couple of Patti's poetry readings . I'll root them out & send Scott the links . Allow me a few days .....