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Monday, November 14, 2016

A Leonard Cohen submission

My longtime friend/blogging cohort Petty Vendetta sent this the other day, it was also posted on his's Leonard Cohen with a batch of poetry readings.....personally I found it amazing, "interesting" would be too mild a term.......I have another Cohen submission (from John N) coming up, maybe today but if not tomorrow (damn download limits!), and it's great that the blogosphere respects and honors the late greats.........I'm not going to go into a hell of a lot of detail here, as this submission speaks for itself.......also, in case you didn't see it, Brian bumped up his great Cohen covers project, which was submitted, eerily, a few days/weeks before his's one of Brian's best works, I said so even before Mr. Cohen passed, so if you haven't checked it PLEASE do, and also, don't miss this spoken word collection (it is great), and either tonight or tomorrow, I will post the 2-disc "Essential Leonard Cohen", sent by none other than link-master John N.........meantime check this, it's great and a respectful tribute.

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