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Monday, November 14, 2016

Something WAY different from Zigzagwanderer

Zigzagwanderer has, of late, been a valuable contributor to this site, and this time he sends some work from Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal.....honestly? Never heard of him.....however, "anything goes" (within reason) has long been my mantra, I mean, fuck, if ONE PERSON discovers this guy's work and likes it, hell, I've done my part in improving that person's life......fine by me......I have NOT listened to these, I give ato you his original email and you can decide for yourself if this guy sounds like something you would be into, by all means, expand those horizons.......I'm going to save them and listen to them at some point, and just to drive the point home: you can submit ANYTHING here, and chances are pretty damn good that go ahead and post it, because I love for the readers to be involved, AND I think that the more variety I can post here, the more I can give this blog some type of individual personality..........they are here if ya want em, if not, well.......of course there will be something else for ya in a few minutes!

Quite a bunch of em, which is a GREAT thing, SHARING is what we are all about here, so indulge if you so desire!

I recently uploaded a collection of Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal albums for another blog , his work is generally referred to as jazz , great underated guitarist & well worth a listen . I don't know if it will fit the remit of your blog but if you think it may a list of albums & links is attached .
                           Take it easy .......

01 Bleak House

02 Min Bul

03 Terje Rydpal

04 - What Comes After

05 Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away

06 . Odyssey Live

07 After The Rain

08 Waves

09 Terje Rydpal , Miroslav Vitous , Jack DeJohnette

10 Descendre

11 To Be Continued

12 Eos

13 Works

14 Chaser

15 Blue

16 Singles Collection

17 Undisonus , Ineo

18 QED

19 If Mountains Could Sing

20 Live In Stuttgart

21 Skywards

22 Rydpal & Tekro II

23 Double Concerto , 5th. Symphony

24 Lux Aeterna

25 Selected Recordings Rarum

26 Vossabryg

27 Live In Europe

28 Crime Scene

29 Odyssey , In Studio & In Concert

30 Melodic Warrior


  1. amazing bad ass he is...........the title melodic warrior is pretty apt. saw in baden baden germany in early 70, or maybe 69. a free jazz event. think he was with lester bowie. my father was in the service at weisbaden then. i was 13 or 14. i remember terje as being very good...........but so was the hash and acid.

  2. Sadly some will be put off by the jazz label , the man is an exceptional guitarist whose work ranges from ambient to rock & is well worth investigating .

  3. He's great, an overlooked jazz guitarist. His more ambient-sounding stuff is very cool