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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Velvett Fogg

(scott) Yet another submission of classic/unknown rock from the late 60's this time Velvett Fogg,(1969) a band  which once featured Black Sabbath guitar ace Tony Iommi........this was their only release, and it is worth a listen......some very decent late 60's psych-hard rock, and of course the Iommi factor lends a bit of historical credibility. Worth Your time, hoser........

VELVETT FOGG-01 Yellow Cave Woman/02 New York Mining Disaster 1941/03 Wizard of Gobsolob/04 Once Among the Trees/05 Lady Caroline/06 Come Away Melinda/07 Owed to the Dip/08 Within the Night/09 Plastic Man/10 Telstar '69 (Bonus Track)

this is yet another great submission from link-world-ruler John N, THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!

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