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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Burn, Rubber City Burn

Happy Saturday morning to all.....I've been laying off the blog on the weekends, but nothing else much to do right now before the Buckeyes game stqarts, so I'm sure none of you will mind if I make a few posts? There's one BIG John N submission that I'd like to get put up there today, it's kind of really awesome.

For now, since again I miss my son Grant who is being educated in his freshman year at the University of Akron, lets dig into the punk comps for the great "Burn Rubber City Burn", a cool stack of punk singles from the golden age of Akron punk, 1975-80.....the obvious bands are here.....Devo, The Bizarros, Rubber City Rebels....but the rub here is these are NOT obvious song choices, not the best known stuff by any means, which makes this a great collection that you will love. Besides those semi-rare tracks from the big-timers, we also get some semi-obscure bands as well, 15 60 75 Number Band, Chi-Pig, and others.

A fine set that nails the scene pretty accurately. Highly recommended. Really miss you a lot Grant, how about submitting some music soon, slacker, and see you Thanksgiving week!

BURN RUBBER CITY BURN-01 THE BIZARROS-I Bizarro/02 THE WAITRESSES-The Comb/03 HAMMER DAMAGE-Laugh/ 04 DEVO-Mecahnical Man/05 TIN HUEY-Squirm You Worm/06 THE BIZARROS-Lady Doubonette/07 CHI-PIG-Ring Around the Collar/08 DEVO-Auto Modown/09 RUBBER CITY REBELS-Kidnapped/10 DENIS DEFRANTE AND MARK FRAZIER-The Mannikin Shuffle/11 JANE AIRE AND THE BELVEDERES-When I Was Young/12 TIN HUEY-Puppet Wipes/13
CHI-PIG-Apu Api/14 THE BIZARROS-Nova/15 RUBBER CITY REBELS-Such a Fool/16  DENIS DEFRANGE-Sector Wars/17 RALPH CARNEY-Closet Bears/18 15 60 75 NUMBERS BAND-Narrow Road



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