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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Silence In the Snow

This is a John N submission, a recent (2016) release from Silence in the Snow, entitled "Break in the Skin".....I REALLY do like this one, kind of like a not-as-sleepy Mazzy Star if that makes sense.....I really don't know dick about the band's history, previous issues, or anything else, but I certainly enjoyed this creepy, trippy, laid back, that track "Lost Gems" is a real brain-bender, as are a lot of the tracks here......I'll be looking up their story later (usually I do that BEFORE posting, but, so it goes) and if they have earlier releases, I'd like to share those as well......this is possible year-end material, I know I say that a bit, but really, this could easily make a 2016 top-20 list (disclaimer: You KNOW what a sucker I personally am for chick vocalists, and this babe is wonderful!).......a very good album, thanks a zillion for this one John N, it was new to me, which is wonderful!

BREAK IN THE SKIN-01 Into My World/02 Mirror Eyes/03 Lost Gems/04 Silence In the Snow/05 20 Years/06 Break in the Skin/07 Prisms/08 Into the Night/09 Small Ways

Always like getting blind-sided by an album I never heard of......this is one of those occasions.....thanks to John N for sharing this one, it's really good!

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