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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


(scott) Completely unfamiliar with this band, just giving them a first listen........they are aptly named, they rock in a punkish style, I checked their history and they have actually released a few albums.......this one is a new (2016, you know what THAT means), "The Real Enemy"'s pretty good, I think they merit further investigation........this one rocks hard, no arguing that, kind of retro late 70's American punk. It surprises me that I have never heard of them, but there ya John N sends us this one, and it sounds pretty damn good.........if John N or anyone else has more of this hard rocking band, this blog would be a perfect place for them to gain some exposure......

from the label website:
Pirates Press Records is coming at you hard and fast with a brand new full-length from Washington based powerhouse, NOi!SE.  True to form, “The Real Enemy” is undoubtedly going to be hailed as a timeless (musical) social commentary.  Its raucous sound, some equally profound lyrics, and a really spectacular and fitting layout, highlight what NOi!SE is all about.  Complete with riveting drums, insane bass lines, great leads, and a true verbal assault, this album reinforces that these guys really have somethingIMPORTANT to say, and a unique and powerful way to deliver it!  Bringing in some friends to help with the assault, the story gets even more colorful; with additional vocals on “SPD” by Gordy Carbone (The Forgotten/Lars & The Bastards), on “The War Inside” by The Interrupters, and on the title track, “The Real Enemy,” by Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys/The Bruisers).  With so many voices helping NOi!SE sing and scream this newINSTALLMENT of their passionate manifesto, “The Real Enemy” is bound to make waves, and turn heads.

THE REAL ENEMY-01 Passing Time/02 Take it Back/03 Dull the Pain/04 Progress/05 SPD/06 Sea of Apathy/07 The War Inside/08 Right Through You/09 End of Days/10 The Show/11 Looking Back/12 The Real Enemy



  2. Great new Street Punk band from the Upper Northwest. One of the members is an active military soldier who has toured the Middle East several times. Good, short back catalog. If you like them, check out Victory from MN, Lion's Law from France, Booze & Glory from London, Hard Evidence from STL, etc.