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Thursday, November 17, 2016

By request Smashing Pumpkins (Part 1)

Someone commented yesterday that they wanted some Smashing Pumpkins put up, and I have a ton, I'm
going to give you a two day sample which will be the mere tip of the iceberg of what I have. I have posted a lot of this stuff before, not sure exactly how I did it then, but I think that this time I will give you the quite remarkable 5-disc rarities set "Mashed Potatoes", and tomorrow some demos and boots and all that good stuff......The Pumpkins were a band that when they were bad they are AWFUL, they performed one of the VERY WORST live sets I have ever seen anyone do (Dayton Ohio 2000), and on record they COULD BE just as bad......but when they were on, they were perfectly amazing, as they also played one of the most smoking sets I have seen, as well, (Dayton Ohio ca. 1995 or 96).

I am going to avoid the "official" studio albums, if enough of ya are lacking a copy of "Gish" or whatever let me know an I'll put them up, but this seems to me like the kind of band whose fans are certainly going to own at least the obvious material.......let us just stick with the rarities, as there is some fine stuff in this stack.....

If anyone has a specific Pumpkins request, say a certain demo package or a particular live show, let me know and I'll see if I have it (I have a LOT), otherwise I'll just select some stuff for ya....for today here is "Mashed Potatoes" which is a glorious mish mash of all kinds of things, and is really, for what it is, a wonderful collection.

DISC 1-01 Happy Fucking Valentines/02 Tristessa (Live '92)/03 There It Goes (Demo '88)/04 With You (Demo '88)/05 Jesus Loves His Babies (Outtake '91)/06 Stray Cat Blues (Live '90)/07 Snail (Radio '91)/08 Bob Speaks/09 Window Pain (Live '90)/10 Wave Song (Live '90)/11 Blue (Acoustic '91)/12 Lie I Lie (Live '89)/13 My Eternity (Radio '88)/14 Jesus Is the Sun/15 Sookie Sookie (Live '90)

DISC 2-01 Slunk (Live '92)/02 Rocket (Live '93)/03 Under Your Spell (Demo '88)/04 Honeyspider (Live '90)/05 STP (Demo '91)/06 Snap (Demo "91)/07 Rhinocerous (Live '93)/08 Let's Meet the Band/09 Bleed (Live '88)/10 Opal-Worship (Live '90)/11 Drown (Live '92)/12 Fat Man Blues (Live '89)/13 Try to Try (Live '90)/14 Venus In Furs (Radio '88)/15 WNUR Interview (Radio '88)

DISC 3-01 And From the West Side.../02 Girl Named Sandoz (Live '92)/03 365 (Live '90)/04 Spaceboy (Outtake '93)/05 The Joker (Live '92)/06 Suffer (Live '92)/07 Coming Attractions/08 Egg (Demo '89)/09 Bury Me (Live '92)/10 Moleasskiss (Demo '92)/11 I Am My End (Live '90)/12 My Dahlia (Demo '88)/13 Vanilla (Demo '89)/14 East (Demo "88)/15 Kill Your Parents/16 Terrapin (Live '91)/17 Cinder (Live '91)/18 Luna (Acoustic '91)

DISC 4-01 Interview Nozems-a-Go-Go/02 Morning Jam (Live '90)/03 I'm Free (Live '90)/04 Jennifer Ever (Demo '88)/05 Plume (Live '92)/06 Disarm (Live '93)/07 Siva (Live '93)/08 Translucent (Demo '90)/09 Not Worth Asking (Live '90)/10 Over You (Live '90)/11 Where's Vince (Outtake '93)/12 Smiley (Acoustic '91)/13 Geek USA (Live '93)/14 Crush (Live '92)/15 C'mon (Live '90)

DISC 5-01 Hello Kitty Kat (demo '92)/02 Nothing and Everything (Demo '99)/03 Mayonaise (Outtake '93)/04 Out of Focus (Live '92)/05 Offer Up (Live '92)/06 Silverfuck (Live '92)/07 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Live '93)/08 Stars Fall In (Demo '89)/09 Godzilla (Live '90)/10 Bye June (Live '92)/11 Spite Free (Demo '88)/12 Daydream (Demo '89)/13 I'll Never Change (Live '90)/14 Infinite Sadness (Outtake '95)

OK, hope the dude that requested this is some concerts and demos that I'll put up here tomorrow (or Saturday).......Smashing Pumpkins were one of my very fave 1990's bands, in a lot of ways they reminded me of an earlier Chicago hard-rocking outfit, Cheap do you feel abaout THAT comparison? They both rocked it hard AND poppish/commercially, and both were assemebeld  keeping maximum visual impact in mind.......I don't know, just seemed like to me that they were somewhat similar when we look at their careers as a whole, maybe not, I love both bands though......check here tomorrow or Saturday for some more great Smashing Pumpkins rarities, it's my pleasure!.


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  2. If I recall correctly, Mashed Potatoes was actually put together by Corgan himself, and given to friends.
    Jim, KY